The Mothership once again connected early as Gresh & Zo enjoy some time off this week. D.A. started things off discussing the latest issue with the Red Sox starting rotation.

Daisuke Matsuzaka just got off the disabled list in early June and could be head back after he left Monday night’s game due to neck stiffness. The starter only recorded three outs against the Oakland Athletics before leaving the game.

With all the inconsistencies in the starting rotation do the Sox need to go out and get an arm before the trade deadline or if not now what about the offseason? What if they have to make good with what they’ve got? What arms do you feel confident in?

“When you go up and down this list there’s a bunch of guys in there that have major, major question marks. Not little question marks, major question marks which is odd because they have numbers, they have quantity, but my goodness the quality not there.”

Are there five guys that you can look at right now and say that those are my guys?


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