By Beth Germano, WBZ-TV

ROCHESTER (CBS) – A Rochester woman, who was the victim of a home break-in, lost more than a television and thousands of dollars in jewelry. She discovered her beloved dog was also missing.

“When I first came home the front door was wide open,” said Maggie Wright, who saw a large, muddy footprint left behind. She has no idea if the dog ran away or was taken. But Wright says instinct tells her the cockapoo, named Teddy, didn’t run away, and she worries his friendly nature may have gotten the better of him with thieving strangers. “Even though he was probably frightened by the commotion in the house, I could see him jumping into the car with them,” she said.

She believes there was more than one intruder, with a separate set of smaller footprints on the bulkhead in the backyard where thieves also attempted to break in through windows. She has contacted area shelters, made daily walks through the neighborhood calling his name, but there have been no sightings. “In this neighborhood someone would have seen him I’m sure. He would be looking for me if he did run away,” she said.

She now fears the worst, that someone may have hurt the dog she calls her constant companion, or even try to sell it. She also finds the muddy footprint to be curious and possibly yield some clues, since it was hot and dry the day of the break-in. “I thought maybe someone could have come from a local construction site, because the ground was very dry around the house,” she said.

Wright says she’s so distraught by the loss of her pet, she’s yet to comprehend what else was taken, but she calls them only things. “He gives me a lot of companionship and I miss him terribly.”

Anyone with information can call (508) 728-3000.


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