Lightning Strikes Person In Boylston, House In Natick

By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV
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NATICK (CBS) – A home was struck by lightning on Woodland Street in Natick.

Flames engulfed the single family home moments after a bolt of lightning hit the chimney and followed electrical wires upstairs.

The fire, coupled with today’s heat, was tough on Natick firefighters. One of them had to be taken to the hospital with possible chest pains.

In Boylston, a construction worker suffered minor injuries from a lightning strike as he was working in a backyard on Main Street.

He was apparently working near the pool when the bolt struck. He’s expected to be OK.

Meantime, neighbors on Fourth Street in Worcester were able to capture several dramatic images there, after lightning struck a tree in one backyard, causing a fire whose flames spread almost immediately to the entire house. That fire caused an estimated $125,000 in damage and forced the residents out for the foreseeable future.

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