On Friday’s show, Gresh and Zo discuss David Ortiz’s comments about the negativity surrounding the Red Sox.

The guys weigh in on Ortiz’s thoughts that the media is responsible for the drama.

“I think he tried to get everybody to relax and back off a little bit, but at the same time he ended up created a distraction and adding to all the turmoil and everything that has gone down, really, since the start of the season,” said Gresh.

“Is it a little over the top? Probably. You can appreciate David Ortiz trying to stand up for his teammates and trying to calm the situation down. But it’s how you go about doing it. I do think Ortiz needs a bit of a reminder that part of the stuff that is swirling around his team, he created,” said Gresh.”The message David Ortiz was trying to send yesterday — ‘back off’ — it was needed, but what David Ortiz also needs to realize is he is also part of creating the drama, and he has been a part of it for a while with his contractual stuff.”

HURLEY: Red Sox Need To Grow Up

“Everything contributes to the air in that clubhouse,” said Zolak. “Sean McAdam is there every day, and David Ortiz told (WBZ-TV’s Steve) Burton to go ask those players (about the turmoil). Sean McAdam doesn’t just fabricate stuff and just throw it in an article that players are going up the back stairs to talk to Ben Cherington… or there are communication problems between players.”

McADAM: Red Sox Organization Is ‘Every Man For Himself’


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