BOSTON (CBS) – Mace, a nine-month-old Pomeranian mix, is well on his way to recovery after an encounter with an escalator that could have taken his life.

dog Dog Loses Toes After Getting Caught In Escalator

Mace had two toes amputated after an escalator accident.

It all began last Sunday when Mace’s owner, Tonecia Johnson, was at the Forest Hills MBTA station. Her niece ran up the escalator and Mace followed.

“When he got to the top of the escalator, he screeched and I ran to the top and picked him up,” says Tonecia. “He was so scared he tried to run into me and then I looked down and blood just started gushing from his foot.”

Mace’s back left paw had gotten caught in the teeth at the top of the escalator and his toes were badly mangled. She rushed Mace to the Angell Animal Medical Center. Doctors treated the wound but had to amputate two toes.

“The prognosis is excellent,” says Rob Halpin. “He’s on pain medicine, he’s healing, he’s bandaged, but he will get back to a normal life and he reminds us all of the dangers of escalators.”

If you’ve ever taken a ride up an escalator it’s second nature, you realize that as you get to the top it’s time to pick your feet up. But dogs, they don’t know that and that’s the problem.

The escalator does have safety warnings but there’s no mention of pets. The MSPCA says you should carry smaller dogs up the escalator and take the stairs with bigger pooches.

As for Mace, Tonecia says escalators are now off limits.

“I don’t want it to happen to another dog, because it was very traumatic,” says Tonecia. “I know it was traumatic for him, traumatic for me and I thought I was gonna lose him.”

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