By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV New Hampshire Bureau Chief

EPPING, NH (CBS) – Residents of Epping, NH are calling for a cease fire at a nearby gun range.

The Sig Sauer Academy is a training ground for police officers and military members. But residents say it’s also a noisy neighbor.

“It’s like living in Iraq,” says Candy Spechuilli. The gunfire can be heard seven days a week, often from 8 in the morning until 8 at night.

For Spechuilli and her husband, the last straw was a flash bang set off during a training exercise across the street.

“It sounded like a bomb. That’s how noisy it was. It rattled the house,” she explained.

Her husband, Joe Spechuilli says he appreciates what Sig Sauer does, but the noise is out of control.

“We don’t want to hurt Sig Arms. We’re not against business. We’re in business too. We have to reach some common ground,” he said.

They joined other neighbors at a meeting this week to air out their complaints with the company and the town of Epping.

Adam Painchaud, the director at Sig Sauer Academy says the company wants to be a good neighbor. In fact, he says they started making changes immediately after the complaints came to light.

“Folks have to live here and we appreciate that. We have a very important mission here, as you know and we’re certainly willing to compromise and make everyone happy,” Painchaud said.

Already, Sig Sauer Academy is working to reduce the hours that the loudest weapons are fired and looking into building structures to alleviate the noise.

That’s satisfying some neighbors, but Debra Roberts doubts it’ll do the trick.

We could hear the gunshots in the distance as we interviewed her at her home.

“They’ve tried to do that before and it doesn’t work,” she said.


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