Former Red Sox first baseman and MLB Network analyst Sean Casey joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh and Zolak on Tuesday afternoon to talk about the Red Sox struggles and the ‘toxic’ clubhouse.

From afar, what does Casey think of the whole situation?

“It just doesn’t look the same as it has in years past. I don’t know if it looks like it’s less fun, or there is more stress in the clubhouse;  they just haven’t played good baseball,” said Casey.

“It just doesn’t look right,” he said, noting all the injuries have caused the team to adjust on the fly, with Adrian Gonzalez in right among everything else. “A lot of parts haven’t worked this season so far, but i think the one positive is they are still around .500 with all that craziness.”

There has been a lot of talk about the Red Sox lacking team chemistry. Is chemistry overrated?

“You get great chemistry when you win, that’s the bottom line,” he said. “It does seem like the chemistry is a little off. It’s not the same fun-loving clubhouse as it’s been in the past. Who knows if it’s the way Bobby V does things or some of the stuff that happened earlier in the year. But I think winning cures all; if they start winning ballgames the next thing we’ll be talking about is what a great clubhouse they have.”

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The Red Sox traded for Adrian Gonzalez, thinking his swing was tailor-made for Fenway Park. But Gonzalez is struggling mightily this season, with just five homers and 35 RBI — with just a .265 batting average and 12 RBI at Fenway. Will he figure it out this season?

“I just think he’s having not-so-good of a first half and not swinging the bat well,” said Casey “But I think the back of your baseball card doesn’t lie, and year-in and year-out he puts up big numbers. At some point, he’ll go on a hot streak where maybe he carries this team for a few months.”

There was a report Tuesday morning that the Red Sox are shopping Kevin Youkilis “everywhere.” Is it time for the former-fan favorite to go?

“I think it’s time for Youk to go somewhere else, but I say that most respectfully,” said Casey. “He’s one of the biggest gamers I’ve ever played with; he cares so much.”

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A change of scenery may be just what Youkilis needs, given he hasn’t had a great year on — or off — the field with the Red Sox this season. But that is to be expected with all the trade rumors with his name in them.

“These guys are human beings too… You definitely feel that edge if there are rumors you are getting traded; maybe they don’t want you, you have the young kid playing third,” said Casey. “There is no doubt about it, it effects your game, effects your psyche. This game is tough enough to play going out every day, but when you’re mentally going out and thinking about stuff and worrying about things, it definitely effects your play.”

Despite their struggles, does Casey think the Red Sox have a chance to make the postseason? And what should they do long-term with Jacoby Ellsbury? Plus, how does he feel about Roger Clemens? Casey breaks that all down, and more, with Gresh & Zo!


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