BOSTON (CBS) — When you’re on a team that’s prepared to trade just about everybody on the roster, but you’re stuck on the disabled list, sometimes the best solution is to try to find a little bit of humor.

That’s the approach Ryan Dempster appears to be taking, at least.

The Cubs right-hander is 3-3 with a 2.11 ERA this season, but his seven-inning appearance against the Red Sox last week will be his final start for a while, as the team placed him on the disabled list due to a tight lat muscle.

You’ll remember last month that Josh Beckett had a tight lat as well and skipped a start because of it, only to go golfing during that lat-related absence.

Dempster used his own situation to make light of that one.

“[I’ll follow the] Josh Beckett theory on sore lats — play as many rounds of golf as possible,” Dempster said, according to CSN Chicago.

The futures of the Cubs, Red Sox and Dempster are very much unknown at this point, but it may be safe to cross off Boston from the list of potential landing spots for Dempster.


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