By Bree Sison, WBZ-TV

WAREHAM (CBS) – A father of two was killed on Father’s Day weekend in Wareham, after a wrong-way accident on Interstate 495.

Investigators say a 26-year-old Brockton man hit 43-year-old Christopher Elicier head-on between exits 1 and 2.

Police aren’t sure why Phendy Pamphile was going the wrong way just after 10 p.m. Saturday. No charges have been filed in the accident, at this point in the investigation.

Elicier, of Wareham, was on his way to work at Taunton State Hospital.

The mental health professional’s co-workers called his wife Cathleen when they realized he was more than 15 minutes late for his shift.

She got in her car and went to look for him.  As she re-traced his route to work, she pulled up to the accident scene.

“He was driving a black car and they knew right away that it was her husband. A State Trooper brought her home,” said Cathy’s mother, Patricia Cullen.

Cullen lives with the couple, along with their two sons Jordan, 15, and Ryan, 6.

“He was very, very kind. He was helpful to neighbors and he was always helpful to us,” said Cullen.

“He would come home every morning and take care of me, get me my breakfast and my pills.” Cullen was paralyzed from the neck down after back surgery four years ago.

Chris took on much of the caretaker role.

“He comes to every family event. Every gathering. I’m still shocked that anything happened to him. I just couldn’t imagine it happening,” said Jordan.

The family was surrounded by supporters Sunday.

They were planning to have lobster rolls in Falmouth to celebrate Father’s Day.

There are still wrapped gifts for Elicier in the home.

“I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. When he left he said, ‘Love you all. See you in the morning.'” said Cullen.

Chris and Cathy Elicier met at Wareham High School and were married for 19 years.

Cathy is now planning Chris’s funeral at the same chapel they were married.

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