BROCKTON (CBS) – Lt. Governor Tim Murray denies embattled former Chelsea Housing Authority Chief Michael McLaughlin ever did potentially criminal fundraising for him.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

According to the Boston Globe, Murray has been questioned by state and federal investigators about his close political ally McLaughlin, who was caught hiding an inflated salary from state regulators.

At an event in Brockton Friday, Murray said he has answered questions from investigators about McLaughlin, who as a federal employee, was prohibited from fundraising.

Murray described McLaughlin as a supporter, not a fundraiser.

“I’ve never asked him to raise money. I’ve never seen him taking money, so all I can say is that’s not the case,” he told reporters.

McLaughlin resigned from his job after allegedly concealing his $360,000 salary from the state.

Murray said he felt betrayed.

“It’s clear that Mike McLaughlin fooled lots of people,” he said. “He fooled lots of agencies, misrepresented himself to lots of people, myself included.”

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