By Karen Anderson, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Dawn Donjay was asleep in her second floor home when she heard a noise. “If it wasn’t for the cable guy, I’d probably be dead,” says Dawn. “He’s the one I woke up to screaming ‘fire fire.’”

It was Henry Gallagher, a Comcast Cable worker from TriWire. He was on Norfolk Street when he saw the smoke, and called 911. Then he went to see if anyone was inside. Gallagher says, “We were just trying to kick the door down, me and another gentleman. We saw black smoke coming out from around the door.”

Dawn got out, no one was on the first floor. Gallagher says Boston Firefighters were on the scene in 30 seconds. “It was pretty impressive,” he says.

Officials say the fire is under investigation. They say it started inside, on the first floor.

Dawn says she’s just grateful to the observant “Cable Guy.”

“I love him to death,” she says. “If I could get him right here I’d give him a hug and kiss, and take him to dinner. He was awesome.”


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