DEDHAM (CBS) – A white fiberglass bunny has angered war veterans in Dedham. The huge 400 pound mosaic of glass pieces is part of a town wide public art initiative. There will be 15 of the rabbits placed around town, and one of them is causing outrage.

Monika Wilkinson of the Dedham Art Project says, “The Dedham Rabbit, that is featured on the Dedham Pottery is recognized worldwide and so we were celebrating that image.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mary Blake reports

After getting approval from the Parks and Rec Department, they placed the rabbit in Dedham’s Oakdale Square, about 50 feet from the Veterans Monument. That has angered a lot of the veterans who say it is hallowed ground.

“That park was built for our veterans monuments,” says Fran O’Brien. “At no time was any event, or any art, or anything going to be placed in the park.”

The art organizers say they purposely placed the rabbit far away from the Veterans Monument on land that has many uses during the year.

Ironically, one of the two artists who created this particular rabbit is a veteran who served in Somalia and Iraq. He thinks the park is a perfect place for it.

“I think it’s very respectful and if it wasn’t, I would be the first person in line telling you that it wasn’t,” says Mike Glowacki.

The artist points out that the creation of this particular rabbit was financed in the name of a WWII veteran and that it is a perfect temporary home.

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