SHREWSBURY (CBS) – A couple of men posing as Water Department employees made off with cash and jewelry from a Shrewsbury woman’s home on Thursday afternoon.

Officers say the men showed up at the elderly woman’s house on Route 140 around 4 p.m. They came up to the door and identified themselves as Water Department employees.

Police say the men managed to make their way into the home. One of them distracted the victim by talking very fast in an attempt to confuse her. The other suspect managed to make his way through the house and grab cash and jewelry.

The suspects took off when the victim began questioning their motives.

Police describe one of the suspects as a white man in his late thirties or early forties, about 5’10”, with brown hair. He was wearing jeans, a blue short-sleeve shirt, and a dark blue baseball hat with a white Boston Red Sox ‘B’ on it.

The other suspect was white, late forties to early fifties, about 5’1”, with white hair and a stocky build. He had glasses and was wearing a white shirt with khaki pants along with a dark blue baseball hat with a white Boston Red Sox ‘B’ as well. He was also wearing winter gloves.

The victims told police the two men used either portable radios or phones and spoke a “foreign language”.
The suspects left in dark blue sedan.

A similar scam was reported in Needham, Massachusetts recently.

Shrewsbury Police are reminding residents that town employees typically drive “marked” town vehicles, their shirts have a Shrewsbury town logo, and they will present an I.D. if asked.

They say that if anybody suspicious is at your door, call police.


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