After The Celtics beat the 76ers to move on to face the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals most picked the Heat to win.

D.A. talked with Adam Kuperstein of NBA in Miami to get an idea of how worried people are down in Miami.

“I’m only panicking a little bit,” Kuperstein said.

He was also glad to see that Boston was focused on LeBron James’ performances through this series as much as Miami fans. James came to the Heat in 2010 and promised he’d bring championships with him, which he’s been unable to do so far. What is the relationship like with Heat fans and James at this point is his Heat career?

“If he plays well, hey it’s still Wade’s team, Wades the guy and you got here because of Wade and if he doesn’t play well, no matter what else happens in the game, it’s LeBron.”

What will be the feeling in South Beach if the Heat don’t win this series.

“To me it’s not fair to put this on LeBron James, but you know D.A. at the end of the series if the Heat don’t win, no matter how it happens, it’s LeBron’s fault.”


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