BOSTON (CBS) – Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics are pretty busy lately, so it’s no surprise he isn’t up on the latest cast of Saturday Night Live.

So when Jay Pharoah, who has been on the show since 2010, had some less-than-flattering things to say about the Celtics’ captain, it’s not shocking Pierce responded with a “who?”

Pharoah‘s spot-on impression of ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith earned him an appearance alongside Smith on ESPN’s First Take Wednesday morning, prior to Boston’s 94-90 Game 5 victory on Wednesday. There, he let some of his true feelings of Pierce be known.

“He’s an actress,” Pharoah said, eventually re-enacting a Pierce flop on the roundtable desk.

“I’m sorry, he’s good. He’s a good basketball player. He’s a champion; he has a couple of rings. But he’s an actress, a diva.”

Couple of rings?

Good to see Pharoah knows his basketball.

So following his 19-point performance in Game 5, Pierce simply tweeted “who is Jay Pharoah?”

There hasn’t been any response from the comedian, but after the shot Pierce made over LeBron James in the final minute, he might be out of material.

Although, if Pierce and the Celtics keep playing the way they have been the last four games, his “couple of rings” statement might come true.

And maybe then, Pierce will have time to watch some SNL.


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