Gresh & Zo tipped off Wednesday’s show breaking down the Celtics’ Game 5 Win over Miami.

The guys are convinced after last night’s victory that the C’s are going to the NBA Finals, something neither of them though a week ago.

“I picked the Heat,” admitted Zolak.

“I picked the Heat too,” said Gresh. “I questioned whether (the Celtics) could even get to an Eastern Conference Finals, let alone… They’re going to win it.”

“Last night… it’s over,” added a confident Zo.

The Celtics executed down the stretch; from an amazing touch-pass from Rondo to Mickael Pietrus for a three, to a clutch triple from Paul Pierce with LeBron James guarding him in the final minute.

It’s that execution that has the Celtics up 3-2 and on the brink of eliminating the Miami Heat.

“There is such a difference in the way that both teams handle themselves down the stretch. It is scary, it is amazing, and it is mind-numbing,” said Gresh. “What we’re watching, and we’ve talked about this a lot because of the guy that coaches at Gillette Stadium, over the year with Bill Belichick, we’ve said ‘whether he has his or yours, he’s going to beat you.’ Right now, that is what is going on with the Boston Celtics and Doc Rivers and Eric Spolestra. He could have theirs and they would be in this situation and maybe have closed it out. But he has his, and they are finding a way to beat you. Everything you need to know about this series was summed up in the final five minutes of last night’s game.”

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“You have a hall of fame coach on one side, versus a squid standing there – and that’s what you are Coach Spo, a squid,” said Zolak. “They don’t look at you when you call a time out, you don’t know what to say when you call a timeout.”

“He had nothing last night,” Zo said of the Heat coach.

The Celtics got an even effort from the entire team. Kevin Garnett led the way with 26 points, Pierce bounced back from a tough start to finish with 19, and Rondo did it all with seven points, 13 assists and six rebounds. The Celtics bench was stellar again, as Keyon Dooling continued to play solid defense, and Mickael Pietrus found his stroke for 13 points.

Sure, LeBron James got his 30 points and Dwyane Wade had 27, but the

“We’ve had a lot of discussions over the years about teams versus collections of talent. The TEAM won last night’s game,” said Gresh. “The team that is a team won last night’s game. I would say, not always, but probably more often than not the TEAM wins the game.”

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How confident are Gresh & Zo that the Celtics can make a run if they get to the Finals? And where does Paul Pierce rank among the all-time great Celtics?


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