BROOKLINE (CBS) – Police were looking for a man who robbed the Star Market on Beacon Street in Brookline on Wednesday and carjacked a woman on the way out.

Police say the man walked into Star Market at 1717 Beacon Street around 4:10 p.m. and took off with the cash register drawer. He did not show any weapon.

The man dropped the cash register drawer the parking lot while trying to escape.

Police say he ran out of the store and into traffic, where a woman was stopped at a red light.

The victim, who did not want to reveal her identity, told WBZ-TV she had just dropped someone off at an MBTA stop, and never re-locked the passenger door, a mistake she’ll never make again.

Out of nowhere, the suspect jumped into the passenger seat of her Lexus SUV and told her to drive.

“When he started getting into my car, I screamed at him to get out of my car. I knew there was something obviously wrong,” the carjacking victim explained. “And he wanted me to drive. He screamed at me to drive.”

The woman was able to jump out of the car and escape unharmed.

“He was a big guy,” she explained. “Fortunately he didn’t lunge at me and I was able to get out of the car. Of course, I couldn’t grab my keys in the process.”

brookline Brookline Star Market Robbed, Woman Carjacked

(Photo Courtesy: Joe Ranft)

The suspect took off down Beacon Street and ditched the SUV a short time later near the Brookline Hills MBTA stop.

“He wanted to get out of there,” the victim said. “Who knows if I had stayed in car with him, who knows where we would have ended up.”

Brookline police provided a surveillance photo of the suspect. They say he is a white man around 50 years old, with gray hair and a scruffy beard. He is about 6’2’and was heavy set, wearing a gray t-shirt and shorts.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact Brookline Police.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano contributed to this report.


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