CSNNE Red Sox insider Sean McAdam joined Gresh and Zo on Thursday to chat some Boston Red Sox.

It looks like Dustin Pedroia is going to need to be placed on the DL with a thumb injury, so what is the team waiting for?

“I wonder if they’re doing the right thing even waiting. Supposedly they’re trying to get through this weekend. That would be five days playing with a 24-man roster when you are already light because of injuries and some maneuverability,” said McAdam. “Last night, Bobby Valentine ends up keeping Adrian Gonzalez in right field probably longer than he would in ordinary circumstances in part because he is playing a man short off the bench.”

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“Remember last season, how slowly (Pedroia) started. Remember he went home, left the Yankees series in New York, went up and got his knee checked in Boston, joined the team the next day – ironically in Toronto – and absolutely took off from there? That suggests he was sort of mentally bothered because he was worrying about his knee and if there was anything impeding him. Once he was given the assurance, and an injection helped, he took off from there. That tells me that even if he tried to play through this, it’s in the back of his mind that this could get worse,” said McAdam.

“The smart thing is to take the issue, literally, out of his hands and say we’re shutting you down for two weeks, go get right. We all admire the fact the guy plays through everything, but at some point you have to wonder if he isn’t doing his team and himself harm by doing that.”

They also discuss whether this Red Sox team is becoming likable again.

“There is a long month ahead and some tough road trips, but they have survived so far and I think probably earned some respect back from fans that were ready to tune them out,” McAdam said of the Red Sox current stretch.

“I think the venom is starting to go away a little bit. You’re starting to see a little resolve from this team, you’re starting to see a reason to root for this team,” added Gresh. “I do think, and we were a part of it, at the beginning of the year, everything that happened at the end of September was not put to bed. And when you see some of those same things happen to start the season, that’s why it was so venomous.”

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“The first six weeks was like one long continuation of September,” noted McAdam.

But now, with injury replacements like Daniel Nava and Ryan Sweeney filling the void, things have changed a lot.

“You appreciate effort, and the guys that go after it,” said Zolak.

“It’s guys like Nava; a guy who was designated for assignment, kicked off the 40-man roster in April and could have been claimed by anybody but wasn’t. Now he’s turned into their every-day left fielder and part-time leadoff hitter who seems to do something every night to help them win,” said McAdam. “A guy like Ryan Sweeney, who was supposed to be a complimentary player, a fourth outfielder when he came over in the Andrew Bailey trade.  He’s exceeded everyone’s expectations with some nice play in the outfield and a batting average over .300.”

“There are a lot of pretty good stories on that team, and they’re easier to see and they’ve surfaced, because the team has had the production and results the last couple of weeks,” said McAdam.


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