BOSTON (CBS) — Even if Patriots fans still cringe at the sight of any highlights from February’s Super Bowl, the players say they’ve already moved on.

“That’s part of the offseason and part of learning as a player,” Tom Brady said Thursday at the Patriots’ organized team activity. “Hopefully you get a chance to be in that position again. But at this point we’ve tried to move on, and you look to see what this season is going to be about. It’s a different group of players, different coaches, a little different system. You’re trying to put together a team that can go out and compete every single week. You don’t look back too much in the past and say, ‘What if, what if?’ You’d drive yourself crazy. At some point you have to put it in the past and move on.”

Despite the lingering pain you might associate with losing the biggest game in sports, Wilfork said the loss won’t have any impact on the 2012 season.

“No effect. It’ll have no effect on me,” Wilfork said. “You start back the way you started, from zero. That’s where I’m at now. You really can’t dwell over spoiled milk. Last year was last year, that’s how you gotta look at it. You have to be a professional. … We have to be able to move forward. I’ve moved forward. I’m excited to play football. This is my life. This is what I dreamed of doing, and I’m back at it, and we’re back at it, and we’re having fun doing it.”

Safety Patrick Chung, who had the closest view of Mario Manningham’s sideline catch on the game-winning drive for the Giants, echoed the same message but was rather brief when discussing the effect of losing the Super Bowl.

“Last year is last year, man,” said Chung, who had six tackles in the Super Bowl. “We’ve gotta get ready for this year now. I’m not worried about it.”

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