A Blog by Gary LaPierre

       This is not really an act of contrition on my part, but I’m definitely re-thinking my position on those folks calling themselves “Occupiers.”   I’ve written several pieces on this gang of dopes and I believe right from day one, I referred to them as the biggest gathering of stupid people in recent history.     Several months later, I referred to them as a dwindling and smaller gathering of stupid people who just don’t get it, but as I said, I’m re-thinking this.    Maybe they do get it; they’re still stupid I’m quite sure, but maybe the “occupiers” do get it and it’s about time some of you one-percenters, from the President of the United States on down start to smarten up.     Intelligent people…..Obama, Pelosi and dozens of others came to the defense of the occupiers from day one, saying they support the mantra of the stupid……I’m sorry……the occupiers and to this day, they STILL support these dirtbags.   These low-lifes are not just occupiers, demonstrators, whatever anymore…..they’re anarchists….they are thugs…they are criminals who will rise to the next level unless we come down on them like stink on poop.   I’m trying not to call them just “stupid” anymore but I must say, they’re probably not smart enough to be terrorists in the true sense of the word.

     I can almost….yes almost understand… when someone’s opinion on a controversial issue evolves…….i.e. BHO on gay marriage.  Years ago, when running for office in an ultra-liberal district he was in favor.   A couple of years later when running for the  U.S. Senate, in order to win…he was against it.  Nobody else can get a “pass” on the subject….any change “you’re a flip-flopper.”  But not BHO. The White House decided the prez didn’t flip-flop….”he’s evolving on the issue.”   My favorite saying..”Shut The Front Door!”

     The above issue doesn’t matter to anyone, other than the gay-agenda folks…maybe…but at the top of this page….that issue does matter and if the President of the United States can’t “evolve again” and muster the guts to denounce this anarchistic gang of unwashed thugs, he certainly doesn’t deserve to be known as “Commander-in-Chief.”


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