While I am not a fan of unnecessary rules, I do applaud Arlington for their mid-May through mid-October gas-powered leaf blower ban. The contraptions have always irritated me. They are loud and stinky and they coat everything within a hundred yards with dust. Walking by one in use results in a thick coat of dust on my glasses, and I hate when that happens. These these things create noise pollution, dust pollution, and gas engine pollution. They are mechanical Tasmanian Devils.

Opponents say the ban is unfair and will cost local landscaping companies time and money. It is not unfair. These contraptions are offensive. How would leaf blower users like it if I came to their neighborhood and mangled their peace and quiet with loud rock music?

The whole concept seems less than ideal. Would you use a “dirt blower” in your home? Blowing stuff into piles and then picking up the piles is just not the way to go. There has to be a better way.

I hope Arlington sticks to their guns o

leaf Bradley Jay: Hooray For The Arlington Leaf Blower Ban.

Leaf blower

n this one.

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