The Celtics had the chance to close out their series with the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night, but unfortunately the C’s didn’t show up and must now play a do or die Game 7.

Comcast SportsNet’s Gary Tanguay joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich to talk about the bad performance in the Game Six loss, Saturday’s Game Seven and the loss of Avery Bradley.

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Fred started things off asking Tanguay if he’d sit and watch Saturday’s Game Seven over the holiday weekend if it wasn’t part of his job, due to Game Six being such a disaster?

“Yeah I would absolutely, there’s no doubt about it.”

“They got beat by the Sixers, they didn’t beat themselves they got beat by the Sixers. It was awful, I mean it was miserable it really was.”

The guys went on to discuss why this Celtics team has so much trouble with winning Game Sixes.

“This team I felt lost their composure last night. I thought that they felt the pressure a little bit because when they weren’t making early in the ball game, what happened was they became impatient with their offense.”

Avery Bradley had been battling shoulder injuries during this series and sat out Wednesday night and it looks as though he’ll be out for the rest of the postseason. How big of a problem is that for the Green?

“If you have a healthy Avery Bradley guarding Lou Williams, maybe he makes some stops; you know he gets in Lou Williams’ face. I mean if Lou Williams is open he’s generally not going to miss and Rondo, even though he’s second-team all defense, can’t stop anybody or chooses not to stop anybody. He does not move.”

Plus they discussed how Ray Allen may have hurt his team more than helped them due to his ankle injury and what do the C’s need to do on Saturday to win?


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