On Monday, Brian Scalabrine joined Toucher & Rich live in studio to discuss the Celtics-76ers playoff series. But before he arrived, he got held up in traffic.

So, as usual, someone at the Sports Hub picked up the phone and called Scal to see where he was and when he’d be arriving. The only problem was the person making that call: Adolfo.

Scal didn’t pick up the phone so Adolfo left a message that really made no sense and accomplished nothing. When Scalabrine arrived at the studio, he filled the guys in on how bad the voicemail sounded and said he deleted it because it was so dumb.

So without the actual evidence of the voicemail, the guys were smart enough to have Scal go into the studio to reenact it.

After listening to Scal’s reenactment the guys wondered what would it sound like if Adolfo left a message for a young lady he met at a bar. Fred had a pretty good idea.


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