BOSTON (CBS) – With the Celtics rallying in the third quarter, the Boston Garden crowd was on its feet and doing their part to feed their hometown team as they took a 3-2 series lead with a 101-85 Game 5 win.

There was one specific play in the quarter, when Kevin Garnett was called for an offensive foul in the third, that really got the fans going. Sixers center Spencer Hawes drew the charge on Garnett, drawing the ire of the Boston faithful.

The Celtics responded by going on an 8-0 run. When you ask Garnett, he doesn’t recall the play, just the loud fans throughout the game.

“This crowd sparks you. It doesn’t take much here,” he said following Monday’s win. “I have no idea what you’re talking about to be honest, but when speaking about this crowd, it’s like plugging in. You’re enthused for 48 minutes on from tip on. I can’t see the difference from minute to minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, a see the drunk fat guy. I can’t decipher one from another. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it.”

KG Praises Boston Fans, Takes Swipe At Philly Crowd: 

Garnett thrives off the hometown fans, pumping them up before games with numerous chest bumps that only continue and ratchet up as the game continues.

Playing in front of Boston fans gives Garnett a very unique experience, at least in his mind.

“It’s like taking a cold shower, stepping into a freezer that’s below 60 (degrees),” he said. “I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you want the feeling, try it out, come back, and let me know.”

With the win Monday night, the Celtics have a chance to end the 76ers season in Philadelphia, in front of their fans. When asked to compare the crowds in Boston and Philadelphia, Garnett took a bit of a shot at Sixers fans.

“Not even close, not even close,” he said when comparing the two crowds. “You’ve got fans and then you’ve got fair-weather fans. Take it how you want.”

If Philly fans already didn’t like Kevin Garnett, imagine how they’ll feel come Wednesday night.

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