Gresh & Zo started things off talking about the Celtics Game Three 107-91 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. With the win the Green now hold the series lead two games to one.

The two teams will meet up again on Friday night for Game Four of their best of seven series.

Paul Pierce who has been battling an MCL injury in his left knee that has slowed him down on both sides of the ball. After only scoring 21 points in the first two games combined, Pierce put up a strong performance in Game Three and racked up 24 points and 12 rebounds, but Kevin Garnett was again the key.

Garnett had another outstanding night scoring 27 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. The guys are getting sucked in and want Garnett back next year, it just makes too much sense. What do you think?

“With the way the guy is playing, do you consider it for another year given that he is a leader, he is a tone-setting, given he is a great defensive player, and given the fact he can nurture younger players; and he’s shown a willingness to do so,” said Gresh.

“You’re paying for the luxury of having him around, but is it smart business?” asks Gresh. “Is it time to hand the reigns over to someone else? We know Ray is probably out the door, but if you keep Kevin it’s Rondo, Bradley, Pierce and Garnett. You can keep Bass, and probably sign one more (good player).”

“It’s back to what do you pay to have that type of influence?” wondered Zolak, bringing up that Red Sox captain Jason Varitek made a lot of money as a leader even though his career was all but over. “There is something you pay for leadership; there is a price tag on that. That’s the tough part for Danny (Ainge).”

“I want the guy that has played 17 years, that can still show young guys that the game means something to him; that goes a long way when you’re building something,” said Zolak. “They have a good mix of guys right now, and I think they’re starting to feel it.”


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