With Game 6 between the Celtics and Hawks coming up on Thursday night, Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti discussed the game and specifically Rajon Rondo.

After Felger pretended to be the general manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, Felger and Mazz questioned a Wall Street Journal article that claimed Rondo is one of the most interesting players in the NBA. That may be true, but how great are the inconsistencies of Rondo game?

“There aren’t a lot of guys in the league that can do it that way with that kind of flare. So you go, ‘Wooooooo!’ But ultimately, it’s just a pass to an open guy for a 3-pointer. So I get past the flash part of it,” Mazz said. “Yet, he can do that kind of stuff, and he can’t shoot a free throw. There are these great inconsistencies to his game.”

Is Rondo the kind of player that you want handling the ball with the game on the line? And in the wake of Rondo not taking kindly to a camera pointed at him after Game 5, does the NBA allow too many cameras around the teams and players?


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