Felger and Gasper were joined by Gary Tanguay of Comcast SportsNet to talk some Boston Celtics playoffs and the recent report of Josh Beckett golfing on his off day after being scratched from a start.

Though Gary was brought in for Celtics talk, it was too hard to pass on opening with the recent Josh Beckett news. As reported earlier by Hardy of 98.5 The Sports, Josh Beckett was out golfing last Thursday on his off day. This comes after Beckett was scratched from his Tuesday start with a lat strain. Is Beckett the source of all the Red Sox recent problems?

Moving on to the Boston Celtics, last night the C’s dropped Game 5 87-86 to the Hawks in Atlanta. What went wrong on the last play of the game last night? The Celtics come back home to play the Hawks Thursday night at the Garden.


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