Felger and Gasper were joined by Jermaine Wiggins on a Tuesday to discuss concussions, and the lawsuits that result from them, in the NFL. How much does the league have to change the game in order to stop getting sued?

Wiggy cites some changes that have already taken place and says “I don’t think they have to change the game drastically.”

Wiggy discussed the lawsuit brought by himself and other former players. Why are players suing the league?

“They didn’t do a good job of letting us know as far as concussions and what they would lead to…I didn’t know about the long-term effects.”

Wiggy told a story about when he was injured in training camp and the pressure he felt to play, citing an increase in guaranteed contracts as one change that could protect the players more.

How much of the concussion risk is on the players? Does/should the NFL make players aware of the dangers of concussions? And is the game safe?


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