BOSTON (CBS) – Jose Canseco is back in baseball.

The former major league slugger was formally introduced by the Worcester Tornadoes of the Canadian-American League on Monday.

“I want to play baseball, that’s what I do. Simply, I’m a baseball player, period,” Canseco said as he donned the No. 33 Tornadoes jersey for the first time. “If I can play baseball, physically, for the rest of my life, I would. But I think I have one or two, maybe three, good physical years left in me.”

Canseco looks to be in good shape for someone ready to hit 48 years old during the season. And he certainly still has the confidence to crush a fastball.

Canseco Is Introduced:

“I’m going to be 48 years old. They wonder can Jose still hit, does he have any power, any bat speed? I can tell you one thing: I still have the fastest bat speed in the world,” Canseco said, adding that he is setting his sights on blasting one out of the park and over Interstate-290 outside of Fitton Field. “I can still hit a ball close to 600 feet.”

“Come out and watch me and you can be the judge if I can still hit a baseball,” said Canseco, who last played in the majors 11 years ago. “I pride myself on the art of power hitting.”

But that is not all that Jose hopes to bring to Worcester.

“Hopefully I can bring a lot of experience to the team, a lot of knowledge. I think I’ll be hitting cleanup or third, something of that nature. Hopefully I can add a lot of power. Hopefully I can help out the younger players with their hitting and stuff on and off the field. Basically I have a lot of experience with life; marriages, divorces, finances, all of it,” he said, drawing a chuckle from the assembled media.

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Canseco figures to be a designated hitter with some time at first base as well. And while he knows his days in the majors are over, he wants to play the game he loves a little bit longer.

Canseco On Steve Burton’s Golf Game: 

“I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than making it back to the big leagues,” Canseco said. “I played the lottery the other day and didn’t win it because it’s impossible. I have dreams. Sure it would a great dream, aspiration, luck for me to get back to the major leagues. I think I have a one-in-a-trillion chance. I just love playing the game.”

The Tornadoes open up their season Thursday, May 17 in Newark, New Jersey. They open at home at Fitton Field in Worcester the following Monday, May 21 at 7pm.


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