By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

PLAINVILLE (CBS) – When it comes to romantics, Mitchell Roberts is at the top of his class. “I’d say so that’s what people are saying at school,” he said.

prom Teen Pilot Asks Girlfriend To Prom In Mid Air

Promposal by airplane.

Because when it came to asking his girlfriend Audra Robbins to the senior prom at King Philip Regional high school in Wrentham he took off, literally. He’s a student pilot and came up with a unique idea for his invitation, make it big. He took her blindfolded to Mansfield Regional Airport, and with his flight instructor at his side, took her for her first ride.

Within ten minutes she was above her Plainville neighborhood looking at the writing below, “Me and U….Prom?” He had written the nine foot letters in chalk on the cul de sac outside her home.

“I could see the colors, I said ‘what did you do’? I couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe he did this,” said Robbins.

The answer to the question was, of course, yes but if she had said no? “It would have been an awkward flight home,” said Roberts.

His reputation is sealed at school, and the only question being asked in the hallways is whether anyone can top it. “Everyone is saying I’m the luckiest girl in the world, and I am,” said Robbins.


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