The NFL Draft kickoffs Thursday night at 8 p.m. and many will be watching to see what moves get made.

Ourlads’ General Manager and National Scout, Dan Shonka, spoke with Toucher & Rich about offensive tackle Matt Kalil, the New York Jets moving up and the two late round picks held by the Patriots.

In many mock drafts they have USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil going third to the Minnesota Vikings. Does Shonka agree with that call?

“I think that when all the smoke clears I think they’ll end up taking him.”

There were talks on Wednesday that the New York Jets wanted to confirm running back Trent Richardson’s information. Does Shonka think the Jets could make a deal to move up to number four to get Richardson?

“They don’t have the firepower unless they giveaway the next year’s one and maybe the following year’s one and they’re not going to do that.”

The guys moved on to discuss what the Patriots could do in this draft. Is there someone that Shonka values at either corner or a pass rusher that would be worthy of trading up to get?

“This is one of the first years in many that the Patriots are probably going to entertain maybe making a move up, but I think they can set pat there.”

“Stephon Gilmore a corner from South Carolina, he’s our second best corner, big, fast guy, very smart, no baggage, four year starter in the Southeast Conference. We think he’s really the second pick of the litter as a defensive back.”

As far as a pass rusher out there Fletcher Cox from Mississippi State is a guy that Shonka likes.

Plus who is the guy with character issues that a team is going to get for a steal this year?


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