The New England Patriots placed the franchise tag on wide receiver Wes Welker this offseason and he has yet to sign.

Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe joined D.A. to discuss the receiver and the 2012 NFL Draft.

Welker has already skipped recent voluntary team workouts, but does Bedard see him holding out this summer leading up to training camp?

“I don’t think he’s going to report to anything that’s going on this summer.”

Bedard thinks there’s a bigger question to be asked, “Is he going to carry this into the season, is he going to carry it into training camp? The next big date for this kind of showdown or however you want to term it, is July 15th. That is the date by which a franchise player…it’s the last time they can come to a long term contract extension.”

The Patriots hold two picks late in the first round this year. Does Bedard think the Pats deal them to try and move up, stay where they are and use them or trade down for value and depth?

“I think they should make one selection in the first round and then trade down.”

Plus what holes do the Patriots really need to fill?


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