Toucher & Rich took some time to honor some of the best — and worst — in the broadcasting world.

First up is soccer announcer Ray Hudson. He’s one of Rich’s all-time favorites, and boy does he bring it this time as well.

The guys also took a listen to one of the best Hudson calls of all time.

The next award winner is a reporter from Myrtle Beach who was out on location when a citizen grabbed her microphone while she was live and said a bad word. T&R saw the video and thought it was funny and nothing too bad.

The next night though, it was a different story. The same reporter was out where the incident the night before occurred and talked about how she was a victim of a crime, comparing herself to victims that she usually reports on.

Really lady? So a guy yelling a bad word into microphone affected you that much?

Here’s the kicker the guy got arrested for all of this too!

Check out the video and tell us if you think this guy should have been arrested for assault. Click here for the video.


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