Jermaine Wiggins joined Felger and Massarotti on Wednesday to talk about Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine’s comments on Kevin Youkilis, and the resulting reactions by players and the media.

Should Valentine have made those comments? Mazz thinks that Valentine is getting too much criticism — and in some ways — Valentine is doing what he was brought here to do.

“The whole point of bringing Bobby Valentine here was to shake the tree,” Mazz says. Mazz thinks fans should give Valentine a chance.

Wiggy does not have a problem with Valentine’s comments, and asks why Dustin Pedroia publicly questioned Valentine in the aftermath. Wiggy is particularly bothered by the comment about how Valentine was not conducting affairs the way that the Red Sox usually “do it around here.” Wiggy thought that is ridiculous.

“I thought the manager decided how they do it around the clubhouse, not the players,” he said.

Felger hates that Valentine backtracked on his statement, saying that for Valentine “it really undermines his authority and undermines his command.” Turning to Youkilis, Felger brings up a story that has Youk as one of the players called out by Josh Beckett at the end of last season for “snitching” to then-manager Terry Francona. Could this have played into the current conflict? Was Pedroia also one of those players called out by Beckett?

Felger and Mazz end the segment by taking your calls, as fans chime in on which side they’re on.


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