BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine surprised just about everyone Sunday night after making comments about third baseman Kevin Youkilis’ effort.

That included his general manager, Ben Cherington.

“I was surprised to see the quote,” Cherington said after Boston’s 1-0 loss to the Rays at Fenway. “I didn’t see the interview live. I woke up and saw the quote, so I had it in that context. I was surprised because it’s not something Bobby expressed to me. We’ve all seen Kevin play for a long time, and I’ve never wondered if he’s into the game; the guy plays hard every day.”

Ben Cherington On Bobby V’s Comments 

“I think he hadn’t seen the same player on the field that we had all seen in the past. He acknowledged that,” Cherington said of Valentine. “First of all, the way he expressed that was not the best way to express that. He said the same thing to Kevin and apologized. I think we’ll all learn from it and be able to handle it differently.”

Valentine spoke with Youkilis before the game, and apologized for saying he didn’t think his third baseman was “physically or emotionally into the game.” He also spoke with Youk during the game, as the 33-year-old sat with Nick Punto getting the start at third.

“It talked to him during the game again,” Valentine said after the game, “it is what it is.”

As for Dustin Pedroia, who came to Youkilis’ defense Monday morning, Valentine said there is no hard feelings with his second baseman either.

“He’s cool… He’s says he gets it,” Valentine said of Pedroia. “I think he was asked the question in kind of a dubious manner. I told him what happened and he said ‘ok, I got it.’”

Pedroia On Valentine 

“It’s between me and him man, I’m not going to sit here and talk about what me and Bobby talked about,” Pedroia said after the game. “We’re all grown men, and everyone involved in this organization and this team, we’re here to have each other’s backs through the worst times and the best times. We pride ourselves on that and we’re going to make sure that happens.”

Asked if him and Valentine were on the same page, Pedroia responded, “yeah, we’re good.”

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