BOSTON (CBS) – With temperatures for the 2012 Boston Marathon expected to climb near 90 degrees, race organizers are warning runners to show up prepared for what could turn out to be record heat.

The summer-like day may be great for spectators, but there is a real concern about runners who could face dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be deadly.

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The Boston Athletic Association hoped to pass along some tips to runners.

“This isn’t the day to set a personal record. Back off and run a reasonable pace,” Race director Dave McGillivray said.

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Race organizers recommend runners frequently hydrate themselves in order to help keep body temperature down while being careful not to overhydrate. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothes. Avoid drinking caffeine, alcohol or tea, as this may lead to dehydration.

Some runners are planning to carry backpack pouches that can hold up to a few liters of water, while others say they’re going to go easier than they would have under cooler conditions.

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Even three-time champ Joan Benoit Samuelson is taking a cautious approach.

“You just have to scale back a bit. I think that people need to readjust their goal times,” she said.


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