Police Find 5 ‘Horrified’ Nearly Naked BU Students In Fraternity House

By Christina Hager, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Five nearly naked college students were found shivering in a Brighton basement Monday, tied together with duct tape.

Boston Police say they found the group terrified and humiliated. There were also signs the Boston University students may have been beaten.

The early morning raid left police officers stunned.

UPDATE: Criminal Charges Sought

When police responded to the scene at 24 Ashford Street early Monday morning, they found the male students circled in the basement, stripped to their underwear.

Police responded to the house after a call about a loud party.

According to police:

“All five were shivering and had horrified and fearful looks on their faces. They were all tied together via duct tape wrist to wrist to form a human chain. Officer asked if they were alright and got no verbal answer. Victim looked right at Officer and with tears coming down his face shook his head from right to left and back indicating no.”

Police say several condiment-type items were poured on the students, including flour,coffee grinds, fish sauce, chili sauce, honey, hot sauce, mustard, and empty sardine cans.

The students also had red welts on their backs, investigators said, indicating that they may have been beaten.

Police say it’s an underground fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi.

A Boston University spokesperson told WBZ-TV that members of the same unrecognized fraternity were already under investigation for a previous incident.

Last month, the school cut ties with a sorority on Ashford Street after another alleged hazing incident.

“We hold all of our students accountable for any violation of the code of student responsibilities, whether it happens on or off campus. We are very concerned for the alleged victims,” B.U. spokesman Colin Riley said in a statement.

There were no arrests, but police are considering criminal charges.

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