BOSTON (CBS) – Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski really wants to be on the cover on Madden ’13, and is going viral once again.

Gronkowski has moved on to the quarterfinals in the bracket-style competition for the videogame’s cover, facing Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson. In his latest YouTube video, Gronkowski has a little fun with Johsnon’s nickname “Megatron.”

After completing 1,000 push-ups, Gronkwoski heads over to his couch for a little game of Madden. Waiting for him is a figure of “Megatron,” a popular Transformers character.

“What’s up Megatron, you want to play some Madden?,” Gronk asks the toy. “Not only did I lead the league in receptions, I also had a rushing TD. And you’re challenging me in Madden? You’re crazy, let’s play.”

Gronk then picks up a controller, and completes a touchdown pass to himself. He celebrates by spiking the toy to the ground, shattering it into pieces.

When the Madden cover vote first started, Gronkowski made a video with his brothers to get fans excited for voting.

Voting for the quarterfinal matchups close April 11. Click here to submit your vote.


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