Shrewsbury Man Accused Of Killing Wife, Cannibalism

SHREWSBURY (CBS) — A Shrewsbury man has been charged with murder in the gruesome killing of his wife.

Prosecutors say he also ate part of her arm.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Seventy-nine-year-old Jieming Liu was arraigned Friday afternoon in Westboro District Court, a day after his wife, Yuee Zhou, 73, was found dead in their home.

Investigators said the couple’s son went to visit his parents at their condominium Thursday afternoon and found his mother on a bedroom floor,  soaked in blood.  Her left arm was severed below the elbow.

In court Friday, prosecutors said the flesh was missing from her left forearm and her husband had been eating it.

Her fingers were also detached from one hand.

Assistant District Attorney Michael McHugh said Liu’s son found his father sitting in a chair with blood on his hands and face.  He was also said to be dazed and confused.  Liu allegedly told his son, “This is not your mother.”

After Shrewsbury police questioned Liu, he was arrested and charged with murder.

Liu told police he acted in self-defense, but no other details were released about a motive.

He was sent for a psychiatric evaluation after his arraignment.

There’s still no word yet on a cause of death.

Investigators said the couple had just moved to Shrewsbury from China last fall to be with their children.

They were said to be concerned that their father was starting to show signs of dementia.

  • Yikes

    First, how horrible! That poor woman.
    Second, I have to ask…. if they just moved from China, are they Illegals?

    • sanmaz

      I thought the same thing. And now the taxpayers have to foot the bill for his confinement. Just six months…why didn’t they just stay in China.. What a bizarre

      • MarionBerry

        They left out the part, that she told him she was voting for Obama. Guess she won’t be voting now?

    • JB Books

      Reminds me of the Cannibal who ran out of the jungle and threw up his arms.

      • James

        This is why background checks are needed for immigrants. My wife was here on a student VISA when we married 40 years ago. She had to provide police reports from every community in which she resided for over 6 months. Those reports had to be translated into English and notorizied. She had to have a medical exam here and several interview with Immigration. After one year when all the paper work was in, she had to travel outside the U. S. to a point of entry and reentry the U. S. as a permanent resident. Living in San Francisco, we chose the closest and cheapest rentry point which was Vancouver B. C. She had to take chest xray to a doctor in Vancouver and be examined there.
        It is unbelievable that today you can just walk across the border and get Janet Reno to give you a pass, get in-state tuitition, free school, and free medical that other American can’t get.

      • fred

        bada BING!

      • cjmartel


        you’re sick, sick, sick!!! I was appalled!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

      • BostonTeaParty

        Two cannibals were eating a guy…One says “hey are you doing down there?” His friends says ‘Great, I’m having a ball”

    • Jack B. Nimble

      Wife is considered deliracy in China. No harm nor foul play.

    • Todd

      Orderly immigration? Like the way I came here 30 yrs ago? Nah,why pay? Why wait? Just head to Mexico and demand your entry.

    • rkid67

      Ha, you said ‘slant’.

  • Karen

    “They were said to be concerned that their father was starting to show signs of dementia.”

    Yes, I think we should arrest and imprison all these dangerou elderly people with dementia. My mother beat me up when I tried to give her a shower. I should have called the police and had her thrown in jail instead of a nuring home. Unbelievable. Only in America.

    • Testor

      HE ATE HER!!!!! = CALL COPS
      He wanders around the park = Call Doctors

      Some people!

      • Michael

        Deport this peasant swine from this country. The Chinese authories will make short order of this fine gentleman.

    • JoAnne

      My mother with dementia spits, kicks, throws punches and bites any staff in the nursing home she’s in, when they try to bathe her. I keep asking if she should be in a place for the mentally ill; but, no one agrees with me.

    • D

      I think maybe the police were called because he killed his wife and ate her, not because he has dementia.

      • Karen

        Perhaps he killed and ate her because he has dimentia? Not sure if you know anything about it, but people who have it aren’t in their right mind. I’m sure you know, ti’s not a normal way to behave. He wouldn’t have come this far in life if it were his norm. I don’t why I need to explain this.

      • richhenk

        Well Karen, if, and I hope not, your mother ever kills and eats you, I’m sure no one will bother to call the police.

    • Dave

      Are you completely detached from reality? The dementia detail was a background notation at the end of an article describing how a man killed and ate his wife. You let a dozen paragraphs describing the crime go by without comment, and instead chose to denigrate this country based on an unstated link between this man’s dementia and his imprisonment?

      • Karen

        Dementia makes people do very strange and things. That should have been the most important point inthis article, but no. It was merely a footnote. My mother turned on all the stove yets trying to light a cigarette, then proceeded to find a lighter somewhere. The place filled up with gas fumes. If she had succeeded in finding the lighter, the house would have exploded with my mother and father in it. That’s NOT how my mother normally behaved. Do you understand now?

    • LM

      JoeKlip missed his calling as a hack comedian

    • Bobwhite

      Karen, pause for a moment, okay? The authorities arrest the person to get the investigation started. After details are learned then the arrest can be modified to increase or decrease the charges accordingly. It is just the normal procedure. Better to err on the side of caution. Dementia is just the initial PRESUMED cause until further details are collected we wont know for sure. What if it isn’t dementia and was a premeditated murder with a contrived dementia to allay guilt?
      Just everyone stop presuming everything up front.

      • TheDudeAbides

        Why do you even bother responding, Bobwhite? I understand the irony in me wasting my time responding, but seriously people…don’t feed the fire of Karen’s ignorance…

      • Bobwhite


        My reply is information for all to absorb. Everyone now-a-days seems to jump to conclusions and convict based on badly informed initial news reports. Just like the Zimmerman/Martin shooting. No one knows what happened and the police are investigating further but it seems the planet has convicted this man Zimmerman based on nothing but assumptions. How far have we come from the Salem witch trials? Not very far it seems.

      • Osamas_Pajamas

        Zimmerman — a Latino of mixed heritage traditionally [but not logically] considered “non-white” has been sold to us as a “murderous white racist,” by the corrupt, complicit, and compliant sycophants in the Democrat-captured media — some of whom who even doctored audio / video recordings to create that impression.

        Right on the heels of this propaganda venture, and right on cue, the race hustlers and race baiters arrived on the scene or launched into the situation from remote — to take over the riot-promotion aspects of this tragic farce.

        OhBummer, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Shabazz. Their faces belong on the FBI’s Most Wanted wall board at your local post office — no matter how this story eventually plays out.

      • jimjay

        We know what happened …….

    • Nancy Bakos

      I.m sorry you were abused by your own mother, but this happens to employees everyday that work in nursing homes. If I ever hear anyone -degrade nursing assts I certainly will speak my mind. As far as your mother-forgive her. She didn’t know what she was doing. Dementia/Alzhiemers is a horrible disease of the brain. I completely understand what you are going through-as I myself am dealing with this issue. By the way-I am a former nursing asst and the “tales” I could tell.

    • Kelli

      I’m sorry that your mom has dementia. I can only imagine that it is very difficult for all who love her and for herself but this man KILLED and ATE his wife. Maybe he should be in a mental hospital but you think a nursing home…..

    • asdf

      Someone call the WAAAMBULANCE.

    • Don

      Karen, you are free to leave for another when ever you want, the sooner the better

    • Caiden

      Yes good point, because you take issue with people thinking dementia means dangerous this man’s wife is no longer dead and her arm regrew.

      Because obviously this isn’t about the murdered wife, or any other possible victims he could have attacked before the son visited (what if he wanted fresh meat and found a child?), no this story was all about you, Karen.

      The title of the story should be “Karen’s opinion on a story”

      How old are you? Do you suffer from dementia as well, because you seem to go crazy over nothing. The line you quote says they were “concerned” they didn’t say they wanted to shot him because he had dementia, they were concerned. Considering what he did, don’t you think that was a good idea to be concerned?

      Did you read anywhere in the story were someone suggested people with dementia should be imprisoned just for having dementia?

  • San Diego Steve

    He defended himself by eating his wife? Yes, dementia is a good guess.

    • Babs


    • Cara

      I had to clean coffee off of my computer screen when I read this!

    • chad chest

      Or the food stamps hadn’t yet arrived…

    • Vivian

      Ha ha.

  • debbie

    He said, “That is not your mother”. Maybe she was possessed by a demon

    • M

      Maybe he has dementia.

    • Rev. Al

      Best. Comment. EVER!

    • Dave

      He said she was armed…and dangerous

    • Optionswriter

      These are not the droids you are looking for.

  • Richard Chaney

    You mean we would not have heard about it, not that it would not have happened.

    • Snod

      Meaning it would not have happened on our soil! Trying to be smart does not mean you are.

  • Kelvin

    How do you know it wouldn’t have happened if they were not in the United States? Surely they have chopsticks elsewhere.

    • stormie

      Kelvin, Explain yourself plz as you sound rather ilerate

    • Two for buffet pleeze


      You think Kelvin sounds rather “ilrate”.

      ???? Hmmm.

      Oh well, live up to your name: blow me.

  • ACDC

    Um, first of all, the article never mentions their status so that is just speculation on the part of people who assume anyone with a foreign name is an illegal immigrant. Secondly, it would probably have still happened, but it would have happened in China. I guess it would be one less crime that would be processed through the U.S. court system, so you could make that argument. You’re reaching though.

    • Enough

      The article says they just moved here, and given the fact that this state is a magnet for illegals it is not unreasonable to wonder if they are here illegally. Which means that yes, the crime may still have happened, but not HERE. Citizens of this state have every right to question status given how many illegals are commiting crimes here and getting away with it, not to mention getting handed harship licenses.
      Either way, this poor woman I hope she was already deceased before he started eating her arm. Horrible way to die, no one deserves that.

  • shempus

    He said “this is not your mother”, to which he son said “you are not my father…”

  • Tony

    As for status, the article says the couple moved to US from China last fall to be with their children. I assume the children are here legally on work visa’s. The parent could be here on legal travel visas which would need to be renewed every 6 months. They were too old to work (but not kill.)

    • Kingfish

      Probably the Chinese arm of the Obama Clan. That now makes him Irish, Kenyan, Indonesian, Black America, Jewish, White American, Moozlim, just the proverbial mongrel.

      • the realist

        Seriously??? Do you honestly think President Obama had something to do with this?? You’re the mongrel! Does it upset you so much that against all odds this Black man made more of him self than you, a worthless internet troll?! People like you only inspire and uplift us upstanding minorities…. Thank you, so very much!

    • rovid

      it is hard for old people to live between four walls with nothing to do anymore ,broken from your old way of life ,it becomes stresfull and if you have dementia you tend to hate with nothing you see so it is just sad ,


  • auzzieick

    Sounds more like a loss of touch with reality, i.e. psychotic break.. Most elderly dementia patients are of the Altheimer’s Type which usually isn’t this purposeful in its acts.’ Generally more confusing & short attention spans. But who knows until a psych. elval. is done.

    So sad for their kids!

  • Michael J. Fop

    LOL Richard Chaney. Seriously, why are we sill allowing immigration? We have 20% unemployment (govt #s are lies). We don’t need more people. We don’t have enough jobs for the people that are HERE NOW!!!

    • Joe

      It’s necessary to import more Democrat voters to insure we create the Worker’s Paradise promised by that Party.

  • ....

    racist much? youre disgusting.

    • KenyanClown

      And you are a mushy headed idiot, and if we knew your race it would be one of the low life races ( now go ahead and call me a racist)
      Very hard times are coming and weaklings will be evolutionary failures.

  • web

    A horrible crime, and horrible comments.

    • Michelle Obama

      Thank you!

      Thank you VERY much….

    • Jon Lussier

      I agree.

  • Emerald

    gigady gigady ew

  • JJ

    A lot of sick people here

    • Trevon Martin

      I dun think itz so d*mn funneee…

  • fred

    Send him back to China with a doggie bag. No that is awful but the fact is that many people that are in this country legally, can bring their family members over as long as they don’t become a burden on society, wink wink, and then they some how manage to get on SSi or Mass Health and we end up footing the bill – like we will for this seriously sick person.

  • Sluggo Slugworth

    Self defense? What, did she threaten to eat him first?

    • Lucette

      My thoughts exactly!!!

    • buckeyeman

      Yes, he had to disarm her.

  • Retard News

    […] more you can read about the astonishing Chinese malnutrition associated with eating people here. Posted: April 6, 2012 at 8:20 […]

  • Vern Smoot

    The Taming of the Shrewsbury

  • massman

    I’m not sure which is more disgusting, the story, or some of the comments.

    • Rod Miller


  • Sluggo Slugworth

    Good one.

  • Diego Roswell

    Jieming Liu ate his dead 73 year old wife Yuee Zhou. ONLY IN AMERICA. If this was China, Jieming would have a bullet in his head by now.

    • Two for buffet pleeze


      From what I heard he was yelling, I thought he was saying “Sushi! Sushi!”.


      Wasabi & soy sauce make just about anything edible.

      • lwlfnm

        Was she a mermaid?

  • george

    Just one question: Was this type of meal on Michelle’s “approved” list?

    • PTL

      Couldn’t be. The wife was a Democrat.

  • Kelli

    Hahaha…..that’s funny.

  • Rod Miller

    Why? Cause of the grits.

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