Obama’s Uncle Gets Hardship License, Faces Possible Deportation

BOSTON (CBS) – President Barack Obama’s uncle has been granted a hardship driver’s license, just a week after he lost his license for 45 days in a drunken driving case.

The license allows 67-year-old Onyango Obama to drive from noon to midnight so he can get to work at a liquor store in Framingham, where he is a manager.

Registry spokeswoman Sara Lavoie told WBZ-TV the license was granted Monday after a hearing at the Wilmington branch.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports

“In general, hearing officers weigh a driver’s record, specific offense and the hardship asserted by that driver. In this instance, the driver also provided the necessary documentation to receive a hardship license– proof of enrollment in an alcohol treatment program and a letter from his employer,” Lavoie said in a statement.

Read: Obama Letter (.pdf)

Obama is the half-brother of the president’s late father. He was arrested in Framingham in August 2011 after a police officer claimed Obama made a rolling stop at a stop sign and nearly caused his cruiser to crash into Obama’s SUV.

He then registered 0.14 on a blood-alcohol test, according to police. The legal limit in Massachusetts is 0.08.

Obama pleaded to sufficient facts in the case last week. By agreeing to the continuance without a finding, Obama avoids pleading guilty to drunk driving and the charge will be dismissed, if he stays out of trouble for one year.

Obama’s arrest last year also caught the attention of immigration investigators who claim he violated a 1992 order to return to Kenya.

His case is still before the immigration court. A person familiar with the case says Onyango Obama is required to appear at the Immigrations and Customs Office next week to discuss arrangement’s for his removal from the United States.

“Now that Mr. Onyango’s criminal case has completed, ICE has communicated, in accordance with standard procedure, with the attorney of record regarding his removal pursuant to a previous final order by an immigration judge,” Brian P. Hale, Director of Public Affairs for ICE said in a statement.

Some drivers are outraged. One man said, “I think it’s disgraceful. If they’re illegal they’re illegal. They shouldn’t have the same rights as people who are here legally.”

Another told us, “I really do not appreciate the fact he got a license, he is supposedly an illegal alien, and he shouldn’t be driving in the first place.”

We brought these questions to the head of the RMV, Rachel Kaprielian, who tells says her focus is on licenses.

“Matters of immigration are law enforcement matters and matters that pertain to federal laws,” says Kaprielian. “In this case this applicant met the rules and regulations of the Registry of Motor Vehicles in his application for a hardship license.” She says his case also met the RMV rules years ago when he applied for his license.

Some believe Onyango Obama, who had a clean record until his August drunk driving arrest, should be given another chance to stay. One driver says, “This is America and we’ve got to give everyone a chance and just because they are illegally in this country, this country was founded on rights for everyone.”

WBZ-TV’s Karen Anderson contributed to this report.

  • fred

    I know people who have requested a hardship license but unless you are connected you don’t get the hearing and the results that quickly. Was this license fraudulently obtained by using a social security number that was not issued to him? I thought this state does not issue licenses to illegal aliens? Why was this hearing held in Wilmington – so there would be less publicity? As a local talk show host has remarked many times when this sort of stuff happens ” I don’t want any special treatment – I just want to be treated like an illegal alien”. Come on Martha, you should investigate this – but of course there would be no political gain, only from among those who would not vote for her anyway.

    • redneckjoe

      let me see clearly here, he is pulled over for being drunk while driving, and he is the manager of a LIQUOR STORE???? so he gets to keep his license to drive back to get another bottle!! that’s it!!! STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!! MUST RUN IN THE FAMILY !! ONLY IN MASS !!!


    • gramps

      I guess this also means that he ‘can’t’ be deported between the hours of 12 & 11:59 am….


      • dan

        i wonder what his IQ LEVEL IS.

  • Onyango Obama

    Fred why don’t you settle down and have a drink with me. I promise not to run over any of your citizens.

    I almost forgot, could you pay my taxes for me too? Thank you

  • Deval P.

    Barack owes me one for this. It wasn’t easy getting the Framingham cops and the RMV to back off quietly.

    Lets hope that Oyango can stay out of trouble and not smash some poor kids intestines and brains out all over the sidewalk by driving over him….

  • Willow

    i don’t know why this surprises anyone, and if it makes the news, it isn’t a big secret either.

    My brother was stopped while driving under the influence, first offense, and lost his license for 90 days, had to go to the program, and also worked out of state. Was he able to obtain a hardship license to get to work? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend drove him to work for the entire time. Too bad he is a citizen,

  • Mike

    America: Home to persecuted citizens, and free illegals. Can’t wait till he runs over someone.

    • dan


    • Nan

      I wish he’d run over his nephew.

      • Tony

        You and me both Nan! Good one!

  • dan


  • NikW

    Just goes to show you how silly this state and country is. You keep voting in Obama and Patrick. What do you expect.

    • navillus1

      I’ve heard they’re good friends.

  • ginny2

    It’s getting to the point where the only thing illegal in this county will be to be a legal citizen.

  • So Tired Of Liberals

    Where is the outrage over this???? The entire country is coming out to protest the Florida shootting, yet no one is protesting this? Seriously? Where are all the screams of outrage, the pressure on the politicans?

    • Stanley11

      That answer is easy….the people that would protest and are outraged about it are busy working.

      • moterhed


    • navillus1

      So many of these types of things are flying under the radar….this Country should be outraged. This is a huge mismanagement of authority.

  • d peabody

    This is what America asked for when they voted obama president come november we are so stupid we will give him 4 more years.At the end of comrade obamas term in office our country will be a third world country,sad look what we are leaving our children.

  • James

    I would be willing to bet the Farm that the only reason he given a Hardship License for the purpose work is that he is President Obama’s Uncle, anyone else and they would have denied the request. Is it me or does anyone else see the irony here; he manages a Liquor Store and he was arrested for drunk driving…..Hmmmmm! :)

  • macmum

    Nepotism at it’s best. And anyone that thinks otherwise is an idiot. At least now, Autie has someone to drive her around Boston….

    • Scooby

      OH, but if he gets driving anywhere but to & from work he can get in trouble… maybe even deported. WHAT A JOKE!!! (please note the sarcasm)

  • Jane Howell

    What an example of favoritism, and blatant favoritism that is… As we all know, if it were us, we would be doing everything thrown at us by the courts…. for well over a year, and with our pockets a lot lighter…. Obama did not get my vote the last time, and will not get it this time… Shame on him and Deval Patrick….Maybe we should bring them up on charges for favoritism….Now that’s a thought.

  • response

    you can’t make this stuff up….give the guy a hardship license to drive to a LIQUOR store when he lost it for drunk driving….REALLY?
    THe officials in this state disgust me.

  • macmum

    PS, I have a friend that lost her license for 90 days on a first offense, had to go to special classes, court ordered for 52 weeks, and no one cared how she got to workk… whatever way she could, since she doesn’t live in an area where there are buses or ttrains easily accessible. But this guy gets 45 days and his license back after blowing a .14? really? He was basically hammered and was stupid enough to drive anyway….who does he or the registry think they are kidding here? Oh and James, I agree, he should NOT be allowed to work in a liquor store…imagine the havoc he could cause if he has a “bad day” at work! This is so ridiculous!

  • jaygee

    Okay, I know that he has been here for a very long time and has never been in much, if any, trouble before this incident but there is one question many of us have. How can he be given a “hardship license” when he is not a legal resident of this country? Everyone says that something has to be done about the 12 million illegal immigrants in this country but nobody does anything about it. I’m sick of the psychological blackmail and all of the those “pseudo-liberal minds” that that don’t want to address this very serious & very expensive situation.

  • mwils

    How can he have a job when he is in the country illegally? Why isn’t his employer fined for hiring an illegal? Whose tax id is he using? Why is his not having a license a hardship when many others in similar circumstances have to cope with it? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Are you kidding me?

      Amen — wonder why this wasn’t mentioned at the outset? Why isn’t the employer being fined for hiring an illegal alien instead of hiring a tax-paying American so his nephew can take another vacation to Hawaii on the taxpayer’s dime?

  • Onyango Obama

    All these comments are making me upset. I am going to have some scotch and drive around to compose myself.

    • PegBundy

      Not sure why, but reading this made me chuckle.

      • Onyango Obama

        I am available for parties….obviously

    • navillus1

      Maybe the President can lend out Airforce 1 for your joyride.

  • dbus85

    We left framingham because we were tired of paying and schooling the Illegals.
    Now to hear this.. Why do we even bother paying taxes, excise tax, property taxes.. Dog licenses, permits etc… what is the point… This country is going downhill faster and faster.. its a disgrace We are aproaching Second Rate status…. I feel sorry for the children…. God knows what this place will be like in 15 years!!!!!!

    • moterhed

      Like Framingham in the mid seventies… i see the railroad station Horton restored is starting becoming an outhouse again.. but without Dennison and GM plants to help keep things going

  • Cis

    “Obama avoids pleading guilty to drunk driving and the charge will be dismissed, if he stays out of trouble for one year” There’s no doubt in my mind this deal was orchestrated by the WH. By being an illegal alien he can’t stay out of trouble for one yr – it’s a pre-existing condition. The WH is process creating unlawful presence waivers for illegals, under which illegals with legal relatives in US are essentially given amnesty. How very convenient for Obama’s illegal alien relatives. Yeah let’s re-elect Obama so he can throw citizens, constitution and laws down the sewer for another 4yrs. Disgusted!

  • Tsal-kv

    You are all jumping to conclusions just like you did with the Trayvon case. Maybe there is a good reason that the judge let him drive to work? When will people learn that racism comes in many forms?!?!?!

    • dan


    • Scooby

      I HOPE that was sarcasm!!!

    • Enough

      Are you for real? Illegals have it so much easier than law-abidiing, tax-paying Citizens in this State and it just gets worse. I know someone who lost his license for the same offense, was never convicted on it, and was DENIED a hardship license he applied for twice – and he is a LEGAL CITZEN. There is just no good argument as for why this man is still even in this country, nevermind driving!

      • Yaknow

        Thank you Enough very well put.

    • navillus1

      You forgot to take your “real” pill today.

      • dan

        let me guess your black

    • firemanmark

      If you are not being sarcastic then you are in need of a reality check.It has nothing to do with racism.it has to do with the fact that he is ILLEGALLY in this country.Here’s an idea: all the Liberals that want all that “free” stuff can pay extra taxes for it so they can have that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ they get when they know someone who breaks into our country is screwing all the legal citizens and legal immigrants!

  • questions i have?

    last time i checked there is no hardship lic. given to a driver for anything less then a one year renovation of Lic.

    • dan


  • navillus1

    Omar won a “Great Citizens Award” and his prize was a Hardship Drivers License. We can only hope it also came with free Mapquest directions (printed in color) to his original homeland. Don’t worry, there is an award for all of us law-abiding “legals” in this Country….it’s the “Booby Prize”.

  • John A

    Ole’ Uncle Onyango, the Artful Dodger ; There is thems that gets and thems that don’t. Good citizens of the Commonwealth, all you are getting is crapped on over and over again by the folks you put in government. Gee, I think I can smell some coffee. Can you ?

  • 1stackmack

    hardship licence,anouth perk to be an illegal alien in this country.

    • dan

      why can’t we get perks like that????

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