A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     A good example of my many declarations in the past that the airlines lie……I mean outright lie when it comes to telling you the status of your flight…….coming or going….or in-between.   I remember just a few years back when I was anchoring the Morning News on our favorite radio station, I used to say…..as part of the traffic report….”they tell us all is well on the T this morning.”   The script actually said “all is well on the T this morning”, but I couldn’t prove it, I didn’t believe it, never is the time all is well on the T….so I would change the script to say…..”THEY TELL US all is well on the T.   MBTA management would regularly complain to my bosses.  They didn’t like my attitude.    What really got things going however was MassPort.   The management over there actually demanded that I be “taken off the air” because I would say…..”they tell us everything is on-time at Logan.”      Folks, never…..I mean never is everything on time at Logan Airport and then one-time I rubbed some salt into the wound when I suggested……”MassPort says call your airline to check on the status of your flight before heading to the airport……..don’t bother….because they’re going to LIE.”   There could be fourteen feet of snow out there and MassPort would tell you….”that flight is scheduled to leave on time.”    Left unsaid….”of course it’s scheduled to……it surely won’t, but it’s scheduled to.   You could be standing at the airline check-in counter at the airport…with no plane in sight, five minutes before departure, and the person behind the counter would tell you…..”We’re scheduled to leave on time.”   Lie!

     On a scheduled flight out of Boston a couple of days ago, I was told, the departure will be delayed about 15 minutes while maintenance deals with a minor issue in the cockpit.  No problem.   Twenty minutes later we boarded….sat there for 15 minutes, no mechanics in the cockpit, no Captain either.   Finally a Captain, carrying his flight bag,  comes aboard the plane, apologizes for the delay (clearly he was coming off another flight to Captain this one) and the plane departs, forty minutes late.   Why did they have to lie?  Why couldn’t they tell the truth about the delay?    Lie….Lie….Lie!!!!!

     Proof that not all “nuts” are served by flight attendants.   Some are behind the service counter and some….as we found out a couple of weeks ago, come right out of the cockpit.

  1. Keith says:

    Wow, Gary! I’m shocked. I used to love listening to you everyday. You’re a stable consistent voice in the world of uncertainty. But a man as experienced as yourself knows nothing of the dynamics of a complex environment such as aviation? With a multitude of variables in that environment, time schedules are goals to be met, but not guaranteed. Think of all the pieces that need to come together just to get that metal tube into the air. We’ve come a long way since 1903. Please don’t abuse your pulpit with factless drivel like this.

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