BOSTON (CBS) – Schedule changes on two MBTA commuter rail lines go into effect Monday.

The changes on the Worcester-Framingham line are needed because of the redevelopment project at Yawkey Station.

Read: Worcester Line Changes (.pdf)

There are also schedule adjustments on the Fairmount line, due to necessary commuter rail maintenance.

Read: Fairmount Line Changes (.pdf)

Comments (2)
  1. emom says:

    Here we go , The MBTA tells us they must raise rates because they are in a huge deficit, YET they still claim there is much needed maintenance for stations and equipment. Then this morning I hear the GOVORNOR ( who shall be nameless) is willing to hand over millions in a bail out fix to help the cash strapped MBTA.. REALLY NOW,,,, WHAT A SUPER JOKE THAT IS. How or where is he planning on getting this said money,.. OH WAIT SURPLUS , why is that money in surplus , why is it not being used for the people in this state, OH they will say we are by fixing the MBTA. REALY , why not revamp the officials that sit on their duffs and do nothing but spend this money unwisely. And they still plan on cutting routes, cutting back on service But I have to wonder who are they going to hire in the near future for some newly created position… Now if the MBTA does take this money the governor is going to hand them Will it go to PAYING of their bills, Will it be used to SUPPORT services like the ride, will it be used to Fix stations and the rails, or will it be used to fund salaries, bonuses, pensions, and retirement packages. Its happened before , Both here in this state and in the capital. FAILED bail outs , when will it stop. This might be the reason the governor wants to create the gas tax, ( which I seem to remember we already have), a sugar tax, WHICH is ludacris,) and any other tax he has proposed in the last year or so. And lets not forget the MBTA raising the cost to use the transit system , talk about taking advantage of those that need it .

  2. Rob Cleary says:

    The trains should be parked until the system can pay for itself. No more welfare for commuters.

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