LYNN (CBS) – A Lynn mother is calling for some changes after her daughter was sent home from school for wearing calf-length shorts during last week’s hot weather.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

Esther Mawhinney was one of a handful of students sent home from school during last week’s mini heat wave for wearing shorts, a clear violation of Lynn Classical High School’s dress code, which only allows shorts during June and September.

“I found Esther about a half a block away from school, and she was sobbing, still crying,” said Esmeralda Mahwinney.

Esmeralda said Esther’s shorts actually reach below her knees, longer than many of the girls’ skirts.

“My child…is not a child that wears indecent clothes, and I do not allow her to buy clothes and spend her money,” said Esmeralda Mahwinney.

Esmeralda plans to bring the topic up at Thursday night’s school committee meeting.

“The things that happen like this make students like my daughter, and children not wanting to go to school,” said Esmeralda Mahwinney.

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  1. stephen towne says:

    i dont understand why they sent him home for wearing shorts.,When its hot shorts are only way to cool off and most schools in new england dont have ac

    1. Michael LaPorta says:

      Stop with the parental indignation. It is the resonibility of parents and students to know the dress code. Stop whining and begin acting like a parent. Grow up. Why is this trite problem even being reported. It isn’t news.

      1. dms says:

        Begin acting like a parent? When it’s 85 degrees outside, I will send my kids to school wearing shorts. I’m surprised a school in Lynn has nothing else to worry about. Just another dumb-a$$ policy enforced by idiots that lack the ability to recognize and call the exception to the rule.

      2. matt says:

        people like you make me sick. You wear jeans in summer weather then sit in the dam desk listening to the teacher knowing that it feels like summer and we do not usually get 80s in march .I also think you might have been an adult that thinks they can do what ever they want and say what ever with out someone else saying it back . Also most parents would say yeah its 80 out your should wear shorts today and a t shirt its not like she was wearing short shorts that shows stuff. or a shirt that is way to short.

      3. PeeWee says:

        Technically they weren’t even shorts, they sound more like capri pants considering how long they were. Hardly a violation of the dress code if you ask me…and the school should have made an exception knowing how hot it was going to be for the week. My own office was sweltering and building management had to bring in portable A/C units to cool it down because they can’t turn the actual A/C on until June.

      4. stephen towne says:

        i live in deep south tennessee where is like an oven most of the summer into fall .I dont see any problem with kids wearing shorts to the knee. when there going to school during warm months and heat waves they need to change the dress code at this school and stop treating the kids so bad

  2. Rob says:

    HAHAHAHA You have got to be kidding me.

    The June/September decision is based on normal weather here in New England. Get your heads out of your a**es and realize that it was NOT NORMAL NE WEATHER…

  3. Willow says:

    No matter what the situation, you can count on offending someone. It wasn’t like it was hot and humid during that week. Besides, how would these kids ever get through a school day the way we did when you weren’t allowed to wear shorts, pants (unless you were a male) or anything else inappropriate. Next the kids will roll out of bed and just go to school in their pajamas. Wait, some already do that. I can’t believe this is news.

    1. matt says:

      willow its 2012 not 1970 i will go in shorts when i want where i want. When it is 70 + i wear shorts unless its special activity or something that requries it but school shorts should be allowed in all school and then as well most of the staff wears shorts as well. several of my teachers were wearing shorts and short sleeves last week.

      1. Willow says:

        Do you think it wasn’t hot in school in 1970? We lived through it. The generation being raised now are babies, who cry if they can’t do what they want. We also didn’t need grief counselors everytime someone had a hangnail either. Life can be tough at times. Get over it.

      2. Tsal-kv says:

        Matt its ok if it doesn’t violate the schools rule. It is not ok if it does. There are rules we need to follow throughout life. It doesn’t mean we can’t change them if we don’t like them but it does mean we abide by them until we do change them.

    2. dms says:

      So wearing shorts on an 85 degree day in March might offend someone while the same in June will be OK?

    3. Tsal-kv says:

      I completely agree. It’s the rule and I don’t give a darn how stupid anyone thinks it is. If you do not like it teach your kids how to change it. Approving of them breaking the rule is ridiculous. What kind of lesson is that.

      1. dms says:

        Follow the leader blindly. Do not question authority. You can teach those lessons to your kids, I certainly won’t teach them to mine. A school is not the military and we don’t live in the Third Reich. What are the reasons behind this policy anyways? You can’t wear shorts in March but you can wear short skirts in December? Must make sense to somebody.

        Also, it’s not the students’ responsibility to change school policies. The parent’s should make the call of whether their child should sweat in a non-airconditioned room in 85 degree weather. It about the child’s well being and not to satisfy some power hungry wanna-be dictator’s rule. Why make the kids uncomfortable? Just because you can?

  4. 1stackmack says:

    lynn public schools,what the heII is wrong with wearing shorts on a hot day.on the next warm day,every student should wear a bathing suit in protest.

    1. stephen towne says:

      what the kids need to do is everyone wear shorts in protest

  5. Irishjedi says:

    Mom, since I can’t wear shorts I don’t want to go to school. Is this mother serious with her last comment? Kids will not want to go to school? Fine then don’t go to school, fail, and repeat the grade or drop out and become a burden on society because you wanted to wear shorts. The rules are in place for a reason. Letting these kids break the rules is the reason that don’t care. If one of my students comes into class dressed in shorts or pajamas I personally call their parents to bring them a change of clothes. Rules are rules. Deal with it!

    1. Rob says:

      It’s not the shorts that makes them dread it, it’s the cracked-down dictator-like behavior that most schools have. I went to school in Salem NH, and let me tell you, there is no more cracked down school this side of the Mississippi (and they don’t have the test scores to justify it, either).

      Here’s the deal. As I said, the rule is based on the NORMAL WEATHER CONDITIONS IN NE. They can’t let it go, because it’s not a normal week? I don’t see what’s the problem with it. They can wear shorts when if it were 50 degrees out in June, but 80 degrees in March is a no-no?

      Two things to point out:
      1 – The article mentions that there were girls wearing skirts that weren’t as long.
      2 – It’s not offensive to anyone in Sep/Jun apparently, so it’s not a rule that exists for decency.

      I agree, people nowadays are dressing way too casual for an educational setting, but wearing shorts when it’s warm out is not down-dressing the school day, get over yourselves.

      1. tsal-kv says:

        Do you tell your employer the same thing? Time for kids to learn it’s a real world they live in and there are rules to follow. I would guess half the kids that I see in interviews have no idea how to dress or even that they have to think about how to dress.

      2. Willow says:

        I worked in H.R. for 18 years, and over those years it is unbelievable the attire some people wore to an interview. There is no self respect to how one presents themselves today.

  6. stephen towne says:

    lynn classical high needs to change the rules for hot days 85 and above .kids are allowed to wear shorts that are presentable with school guide lines ,Does the school have air conditioning

  7. Rob Cleary says:

    Rules? Laws? We don’t care about no stinkin Rules or Laws. We only here to vote democrat.

    1. Willow says:

      What are you, seven?

  8. Rob Cleary says:

    But it’s perfectly acceptable to wear long pants down around your knees .

  9. scott says:

    WE are too big as a society for the world today……………….We pick on everything!

  10. Pamela says:

    would they send a student home wearing a dress with nylons that go below the knees. those were capris, crazy. maybe they can have a changing rule to change when they get to school if it is too hot. my daughter ran out with out a jacket but carries it on her because she just had a softball game in 48-50 degree weather.

  11. suits you says:

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    1. stephen towne says:

      need to change school policy and students should be allowed to wear shorts that are presentable attire and to the knee

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