BOSTON (CBS) – It may seem like a bait and switch. You find a great deal on a rental car only to discover the price doesn’t include some extra fees. This increasingly common practice is driving some customers away.

Frequent car renter Barry Maher says comparison shopping for the cheapest rental deal online can be frustrating.

For example, on one major car rental website it appears you could rent a small SUV for about 47 dollars a day, but when you “check out” and all the extra fees are added up, that price jumps to more than 73 dollars.

A compact car on another website is listed for just 14 dollars a day, but when you reserve it, the real price jumps to more than 26 dollars, nearly double the advertised price.

The American Car Rental Association says those extra fees upset them too.

Bob Barton says many of these fees are out of the companies’ hands, imposed by city or state officials.

Among other fees, car rental companies in Massachusetts charge a ten dollar convention center surcharge to cover the costs of the Boston Convention and Event Center in South Boston.

While car rental companies may not have control over the fees, consumer advocates say they do have control over disclosing the real price of the car up front.

Unlike airlines, rental car companies are not required to disclose extra fees up front and that is driving some customers away.

Comments (6)
  1. 1stackmack says:

    just like everything,the state or local governments want a to be on the your phone bill for similar sercharges.

    1. dan says:

      surcharges..with a u..but i do agree with you on your comment. like i said in other comments……..this has been going on for years in hackachusetts.

  2. KathyD says:

    The heading should read “Unexpected Costs Of Rental Cars Drive Customers Away”. Drive, not drives. “Costs” is the subject.

  3. Julie the Jarhead says:

    Never rent a car in Las Vegas. The casino parking lots are so far in back of the casinos that you’re better off waking.

    Also, there’s a traffic light at every other block. Every time they put a new casino in LV, they put in a road … and a traffic light. For distance travel, take a cab or the Monorail.

    Finally, don’t miss Big Elvis at Bill’s Gambling Hall and Saloon (formerly the Barbary Coast) every weekday.

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