The Celtics have struggled at times this season, but they are finding ways to win games.

Once they moved Kevin Garnett to center he’s played out of his mind and looks like the KG of five years ago, but stop and think why he was moved in the first place.

Well, it’s because Jermaine O’Neal is a, as Rich put it, “giant piece of trash” and “the biggest waste of money” that he could ever remember anyone being in the NBA.

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And now that it’s official that O’Neal is out for the rest of the year, Toucher & Rich took some time to look back at Jermaine’s time spent here in Boston and the 49 out of 148 games he played over two seasons.

They played a game where it’s your job to figure out whether the amount of money the Celtics spent/wasted on Jermaine O’Neal is more or less than the choice Rich gives.

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