NFL Network’s Bert Breer joined Zo and Hardy to talk about the hot topics running wild in the NFL.  Zo and Hardy begin by asking Bert Breer about Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets.

Breer felt that despite reports Tebow had no control over what team he was being traded to, and that the Denver Broncos would make the trade that best fit their organization. Breer also felt that the completed trade does not make sense for Tim Tebow and the Jets are not a good destination for the former Broncos QB to land.

Zo transitioned to the Saints scandal after Breer previously tweeted some unkind words to Zo about his thoughts on the topic. Breer made the distinction between ‘Spygate’ and this new scandal involving the New Orleans Saints.

Breer ended his interview with words of caution for the league as more punishments are dolled out.


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