MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS/AP) — A judge set bail at $1 million on Thursday for a 22-year-old man charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a police officer in Manchester.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

Police said Myles Webster of Litchfield is accused of shooting Officer Daniel Doherty, who was on duty Wednesday night, with a handgun on the city’s West Side.

Prosecutor Maureen O’Neil said 15 rounds were fired, and that Webster “essentially emptied his weapon.” Doherty suffered multiple gunshot wounds and underwent surgery at Catholic Medical Center. He remained hospitalized Thursday in serious, but stable condition.

Doherty’s parents and numerous police officers attended Webster’s arraignment. In January, Doherty and another officer were given an Honorable Service Award by the police department for preventing an armed robbery in November.

A police spokeswoman said Doherty’s family did not want to comment following the arraignment.

“My thoughts and prayers, and those of my wife Susan, are with the officer and his entire family at this time,” Gov. John Lynch said in a statement. “We pray for his quick and full recovery.”

Defense attorney John Newman said the bail was excessive and prepared to challenge that at an April 4 hearing for Webster. Judge Gregory Michael agreed to the state’s bail request based on Webster’s criminal record and nature of the current offense.

According to federal court records, Webster pleaded guilty in October 2010 to a charge of conspiracy to make a false statement during a firearms purchase. Police said he tried to pay others to buy guns for him at Riley’s Sport Shop in Hooksett and from Great Northern Sports Center in Derry. In 2011, he was accused of walking away from a residential re-entry center in Boston. He was sentenced to six months in prison. He was released from federal prison on Jan. 5.

hastings Accused Gunman In Manchester, NH Police Shooting Held On $1M Bail

A Manchester, NH police officer after being shot Wednesday. (Photo courtesy: Jeffrey Hastings)

In 2008, he was charged with an armed robbery in Manchester, but a Corrections Department spokesman said he had no background on the case.

Wednesday’s shooting was believed to be the first shooting of an officer in the city since Michael Briggs was killed in the line of duty in 2006. In that case, Michael Addison was found guilty of first-degree murder in 2008 and was sentenced to death. His sentence is being appealed.

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Comments (43)
  1. Monkey says:

    If convicted, I don’t think he should be allowed to live. If you have such complete disregard for someone else’s life, you should forfeit your own.

  2. firemanmark says:

    Too bad they don’t have throw-downs anymore.

  3. Bill says:

    Maybe the shooter thought he was a deer. That excuse worked for a cop in Massachusetts and didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

  4. PegBundy says:

    Interesting point Bill, maybe his hair got in his eyes, making him think it was a deer?

    1. LAW GUY says:

      I work in Law Enforcement and when something like this happens we all feel it. Just remeber the next time someone trys to harm you or someone in your family,who you call.

      1. Rob Cleary says:

        The cop I would put my trust in hasn’t been born yet. Most simply aren’t very bright

      2. moterhed says:

        You know rob ..Police are our brothers and neighbors the crap they put up with is ridiculous ..disrespect from politicians and guidelines to follow that may inhibit police from effectively doing a job that has an air of being thankless. thanks in part from tool judges letting repeat offenders out. One day its possible these men and women who do great service for all of us, may one day.. say screw it . ..and how would you feel if they chose that very day when you are in need of help. Respect law enforcement officers

      3. Tsal&kv says:

        Thank you law guy for all you do.

      4. Tsal&kv says:

        Rob judging by your comments they are a heck of a lot brighter than you

      5. Rob Cleary says:

        You know motohed. My brother has a job. No need for civil service handouts. There are no cops in my neighborhood. We don’t want their kind.

  5. jimbo says:

    the definition of the word scumbag…..

  6. Scooby says:

    Law Guy, try living in a town where EVERY cop (save one) is corupt & the town ends up being run by state cops. I tell my kids to not trust you. I’m sure some of you may be fine people outside of your job but once you put on that uniform you are not someone I would trust. I have seen far more police corruption then not. I wish it were otherwise. I am not saying this guy shouldn’t be punished, he absolutely should be. However, if it was just some average person this guy shot then his bail would NOT be one million dollars. THAT is corruption of the justice system & police force and just one more reason for no one to trust you all!!!

    1. Jitsfan says:

      You’re right, if it was an average person the bail wouldnt be 1 mill. But then again police have a job that nobody else has. the only where you wear a bullet proof vest and dont know if you are going home at the end of the day because of people like this. The only profession in New Hampshire that hands out the death penalty for capital murder. Harming a police officer should be a more serious punishment because of the job they are doing. An enhanced bail for attempted murder on a police officer is not corrupt.

      What kind of father tells his children to not trust police. You are part of the problem and your definition of corrupt is clearly flawed.

      1. donny says:

        EVERY life should be valued by society. Yes, police officers choose to do a very difficult job, but every life should be valued the same regardless of occupation, age, etc.

        Hope this police officer makes a full recovery.

      2. jack says:

        Hey Law guy…
        It’s “REMEMBER” …not… “REMEBER”.
        And it’s “WHO YOU WILL CALL”

        ( The way you phrase it….sounds like a line from “GHOSTBUSTERS”)

      3. Tsal&kv says:

        Jack it’s whom you will call. Just make sure you and the others commenting above you don’t call the police. Except I am willing to bet you scream like babies

      4. Tsal&kv says:

        Nicely said but you won’t find many here who have the common sense to understand.

      5. Scooby says:

        You assume I am a father. I am a mother. I have seen too many cops harrass people who have done absolutely nothing wrong and do not deserve the harrassment. The problem is corruption in the police department. For far too long (I am generalizing because even I realize not ALL cops are bad but the bad ones make us think that all are bad)…For far too long police have gotten away with things that anyone else would be in BIG trouble for. If you are on duty or not you should STILL follow the rules of the road & you don’t. You speed in your personal car & get pulled over. Once that cop see who you are they wave you on. If any of you had morals you would say no, give me the ticket. How often does THAT happen. I would venture to guess NEVER. That is a minor indiscretion though. Cops have done far worse things. I’ve heard cases where women get pulled over and get assaulted by the police and nothing is done. And you wonder why people do not trust the p[olice.What reason do we have to trust them?

      6. tsal&kv says:

        scooby – there are a few bad people in every line of work. A person who labels all bad because of a few needs to go back to his/her drawing board. I know of a lot of very bad mothers. Does that mean you are as well? You base your comments on generalization and supposition which of course is no base at all.

        Meanwhile, you are criticizing a man lying in the hospital in serious condition because he was shot five times (15 shots fired at him). He was protecting those children you mentioned who should not respect him. At the same time you immediately assume the bail is 1 mm because the person shot is a police officer. Myles Webster has a very serious history of weapons abuse. I don’t know about you but I don’t want him on the street with MY children and grandchildren.

        How do you begin to respect the Myles Webster’s of the world and disrespect those trying to keep you safe from them?

    2. Tsal&kv says:

      Scooby. I liked your comments on Keller today I guess I had to read more to see the lessons you want to teach the kids you mentioned raising. Best of luck to them

      1. Scooby says:

        Your right, there is bad in every line of work. I didn’t label all bad (if you read my posts correctly.) I do not base my thoughts on generalization or supposition. These are things I have seen (and or) gone through myself. I am not saying he deserved to be shot because of his occupation. No one deserves to be shot. The guy who shot the cop definately deserves to be in jail. If he had shot a store owner and not a cop his bail would NOT be 1 million dollars. I respect no one (criminals & law enforcement alike) unless the respect is earned. I respect my children & my family (well, most of them anyways) and my few select friends… and my coworkers. I do not need the cops to protect me or my children. My LTC can do that for me; luckily though I’ve never had to use it.

      2. tsal&kv says:

        Then sadly the officer did us a favor since the bail should not be below 1 mm. Scooby this guy doesn’t belong on the street.

        First, you have no idea what the bail would be since you have no idea what the judge took into consideration. Supposition? Second, as far as vigilante justice – it’s what killed a boy in FL – I’m not even going to get into your LTC comment with you. Third, I’m having trouble reading your posts any other way when you tell LawGuy you tell your kids “not to trust you.” You do not even know him.

      3. Scooby says:

        Tsal, I tell them not to trust cops. If it makes you feel any better I tell them not to trust strangers either, that the only people they should trust is their family. Your right, I do not know what the judge took into account. Take a look at other similar cases where someone has shot a cop (with or without a previous record) and look at how high their bail was compared to someones bail who just shot someone off the street (who wasn’t a cop). The bail is ALWAYS higher then it should be.

      4. Scooby says:

        As for my having my LTC it is about self (and family) protection. I think what happened to that young man in Florida is horrible. I think the guy who shot him SHOULD be arrested. He was TOLD to not follow the kid. I am not telling my kids not to trust LawGuy. I am telling my kids to not trust cops. There is a difference.

      5. tsal&kv says:

        riiigghht – his history had NOTHING to do with the bail

        have a good day!

      6. Scooby says:

        I never said his history didn’t have something to do with it.

  7. jack says:

    According to your “logic” ….if “police have a job that nobody else has”….
    then wouldn’t EVERYBODY have a job that nobody else has.
    Also, “Police” (the only profession) don’t hand out the death penalty for capital murder. That is a function of the court system based upon laws set forth from the legislature.
    (Lets get the vernacular correct!)

  8. moterhed says:

    I think it would be funny if police had a 12 day hiatus, just walked off the job ..and see how much of an impact they would have..and see how much people would blub to get them back. Support your law enforcement…

    1. Tsal&kv says:

      You have me laughing. You of course are right

      1. moterhed says:

        Police are human too. they want to go home in one peace to . the absolute crude and garbage these men and women put up with.. If there was ANY good reason just for allowing the general public to scan police frequency’s if not for anything else but hear the endless , day after day after day .the stupidest bs these people put up with.. MANY seeing the same damn customers sometimes three times a night . Nope i appreciate the nausea they are put threw.

      2. Tsal&kv says:

        Moterhd. Anyone with good sense would agree with you.

    2. Rob Cleary says:

      Maybe in your neighborhood. I could care if they all quit.

  9. Tsal&kv says:

    Did any of you read this guys past? I’m willing to bet these are only the highlights. You honestly want him back on the street? Are you serious?

    1. moterhed says:

      They do look where we live MA…

  10. thor's hammer says:

    lowlife, poor excuse for continued oxygen consumption on the planet. let’s put him in the wheel well of a plane over the north atlantic at 39,000 feet and turbulence opens the bay doors. look out beloooooooooooooooooooooow. hope the cell is no more than 4 ft in diameter, very little electricity (maybe random amounts totalling no more than 2 hrs a day), slot in the door for 2 meals a day. certainly no tv/computer/phone/free education/free health care. sorry the good people of new hampshire have to cough up coin for this degenerate. live free or die, i vote the latter for this lowlife.

  11. Scooby says:

    TSAL, if you read the following article you will see exactly why I do not trust cops or politicians for that matter (because you can bet that more then likely it was the police that pushed the politicians for this)… They are now trying to pass a law in NJ that minor criminals (such as shoplifting {major criminals as well]). Do you think it is exactly fair to have someone whose only crime is shoplifting have to give their DNA to a data base. ((This was the kind of issue I was referring to on Keller this morning)) Next thing you know we are ALL going to be on SOME kind of registry. You had a speeding ticket… we gotta put that on your license or a symbol on your license plate. You were defending yourself after being attacked & broke someones nose… gotta take your DNA in case you commit some heinous act AND have it tattooed on your arm. This might seem like extreme examples but it isn’t far off. And, YES, I do not trust the system in any fashion.

    1. tsal&kv says:

      Now I’m chuckling – first of all FOX – ugh – even going to FOX or MSNBC or any extreme gives me the chills . Second, and I quote “you can bet that more then likely it was the police that pushed the politicians for this” – again supposition. Maybe it was police………..however, so far I haven’t seen one thing that says it was. Third, and I’m really laughing now – I have no problem with the idea. If it gets people who start small and move to big off the street, then more power to them. It’s based on conviction. If there is no problem in a period of time the record can be expunged.

      And again – instead of going with “supposed” extreme examples of where something will lead – let’s just stay with WHAT IS for the moment.

  12. billbranch says:

    I do not care whether you trust the system or not.
    Let’s give this POS the quick and speedy trial the Constitution guarantees him.
    Oh, yes, and the quick execution of sentence which he deserves.

  13. empire social says:

    You realize therefore considerably on the subject of this subject, made me in my opinion believe it from a lot of varied angles. Its like men and women don’t seem to be involved unless it is one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs excellent. Always maintain it up!

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