BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Celtics didn’t make a move at Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline, but it wasn’t from lack of trying.

Comcast SportsNet’s Gary Tanguay joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich Friday morning, and speculates it was other team’s unwillingness to part with draft picks that led to the quiet day for the Celtics.

“I was surprised,” said Tanguay. “I thought Danny (Ainge) would pull some sort of deal. He came on with us last night and he said that they were close to a deal at 2pm yesterday. It looked like they were about to get something done, but then it fell through.”

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“People were really hanging on to draft picks. The Celtics wanted picks, and teams weren’t willing to part with them, and I think that was the key to them not making moves.”

Tanguay stated earlier in the season that he didn’t think Paul Pierce would be on the Celtics come deadline time. Of course that did not happen, but for good reason.

“(Ainge) wasn’t going to make a deal for Paul Pierce where he’d get, say, the 27th pick and a contract back. He didn’t want a lot, because he didn’t want players, necessarily. He didn’t want old players,” said Tanguay. “They want young players, they want expiring contracts, and they want draft picks. That was a tough thing to pull off.”

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And what is the deal with Jermaine O’Neal, who reportedly wants a buyout so he can join the Miami Heat?

“There is a chemistry issue there,” said Tanguay. “Look at the situation: he wants to play for another team, but he doesn’t want to play here. So that means he’s not hurt enough to not play.”

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“You have Kevin Garnett who has moved to the center position, who prior to the All Star break he told the team ‘no more excuses, it’s gut-check time.’ After the All-Star break, Jermaine O’Neal gets another nick of some stupid injury, and refuses to play hurt… If I’m Kevin Garnett, this is my last run in Boston more than likely, and I’m gonna give it all I have. And I have this guy sitting on the bench because he’s got a hangnail? I think his teammates were tired of him not playing hurt. That’s my feeling. They let him know about it, he didn’t like it, and he wants to go home. That’s my opinion.”

“Quite frankly, I think he’s stabbed his teammates in the back,” said Tanguay.”Put 2 and 2 together; he wants to play for another team and he doesn’t want to play here because they don’t like him anymore.”


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