By Lisa van der Pool, Boston Business Journal

BOSTON (CBS) – On Tuesday night when the power went out, many people were just sitting down to dinner at Back Bay restaurants.

Steve DiFillippo, the owner of Davio’s and Avila, told The Boston Business Journal that they lost power just as a 30-person party was about to sit down.

He estimated they lost roughly $20,000 worth of business between both restaurants.

Another spot I spoke to, Deuxave on Commonwealth Avenue, said that they typically bring in up to $10,000 a night.

But, they were only able to collect $135 on Tuesday because their credit card system didn’t work once the power went out.

And many restaurants were closed Wednesday afternoon in the Back Bay, including Abe and Louie’s and Papa Razzi, because their power was still out.

City health inspectors have to give the o-k before any restaurant re-opened.

Six health inspectors were roaming around the neighborhood Wednesday, visiting restaurants if their power was back on.

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Comments (2)
  1. tsalnew says:

    Do they not carry insurance for this type of event? Is it possible to run a generator? And yes inspectors should check. This is just a matter of days folks.

  2. Rob Cleary says:

    So a couple of the 1%’s are going to miss a boat payment. Oh the horror. This article should be about the waiters, waitresses and bartenders not the greedy owners.

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