By Christina Hager

MONT VERNON (CBS) – A New Hampshire community has voted to change the name of a small pond.

Jew Pond is barely a speck on the radar in Mont Vernon, but a debate years in the making will take what some call an offensive name off the maps.

“It really is offensive to a good number of people, and it needs to be changed,” said Rich Masters, Mont Vernon’s health officer.

Masters is the one who had a possible name change for the pond put on the list of articles for residents at the town meeting to vote on.

Some insist the name is just a reflection of the town’s history. According to legend, the locals began calling it “Jew Pond” when two Jewish businessmen bought the property.

Others say it reflects a painful past. Before those businessmen moved in, Jews were not allowed to visit a hotel on the same property.

When college student Katelyn Dobbs produced a documentary about it, she was surprised how many resisted change.

“I didn’t really think that a lot of people in town would be for keeping the name,” said Dobbs.

New Hampshire’s Jewish leaders call it offensive.

“The word Jew, in and of itself, is not a negative, bad word, but if you say, ‘I’m going to see my Jewish doctor,’ it just sounds different than, ‘I’m going to see my Jew doctor.’ It just sounds more like an insult,” said David Stahl of the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire.

In the end, most townspeople agreed and voted in favor of changing the name, bringing peace back to the little pond that had raised a deep divide.

Comments (25)
  1. tsalnew says:

    Linder – Clearly pops around the blogs making comments that are vile. I’m hoping if we ignore him he will go away.

    I agree with you that the town made a wise decision.

    1. Tsal says:

      Vile is disgusting. Uncalled for. Lacking in respect In other words most if not all of your comments. Nothing to do with a difference of opinion but all to do with common decency. Hence the constant removal of your comments

  2. Linder says:

    What they need to do is check his email IP address and bar him from commenting any more. At least here! His comments are so rude, irresponsible and extremely offensive.

  3. Linder says:

    grow up,..I hope they check your IP address and through you off this site.

    1. Linder says:

      lol, I totally missed this even when it was pointed out.,… gee, when you get to be 70, thats what happens to you. How about TOSS!

  4. tsalnew says:

    a misspelling bothers you and the swill cleary spews doesn’t???? Interesting.

  5. Paul says:

    New pond names – Muslim pond – no on e will object
    Politicsal Pond, No Name Pond, Name it after the mayor of the person who started all this. One of them should like the ulicity.

  6. Mr.Sensitivity says:

    Quote: “The word Jew, in and of itself, is not a negative, bad word, but if you say, ‘I’m going to see my Jewish doctor,’ it just sounds different than, ‘I’m going to see my Jew doctor.’ It just sounds more like an insult,” said David Stahl of the Jewish Federation of New Hampshire.

    OK, how about
    Jewish Pond
    Jeweler Pond
    Jewry Pond

    or my favorite
    Meshuganah (sp) Pond

    1. Bruce Cohan says:

      Have we ever asked ourselves why Jews are hated since biblical times?

      * Is it because of their betrayal to Jesus which led the Romans to crucify him?!
      * Is it because they are against humanity and killing and oppressing the Palestinians on daily basis, at the same time they hated Hitler when he oppressed the Jewish people! Go figure!

      1. Peikovianyi says:

        Let’s rename it “Bruce Cohan is a P/O/S Propagandist Pond”.

      2. Sarah S says:

        *Pontius Pilate was responsible for the death of Jesus.
        *Of course Jews hated Hitler. He was responsible for the murder of 6-7 million of their brothers and sisters.
        *Not ALL Jews are against humanity and oppressing Palestinians. There are so many levels of religion to generalize an entire race with such careless statements is irresponsible.

  7. Jonathan in Jakarta says:

    I am sure a better name can be found. Call it for example : fountain of youth,

  8. wendy says:

    Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew. Sticks and Stones people…you all get far to offended over EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING is offensive, EVERYTHING needs to be PC. I am sick of my mere existance being offensive to most people. I am White and a Christian. I guess I have no country anymore because I am not allowed to be proud to be white and I am not allowed to be proud of my religion…because it offends you.

    1. MikeyD says:

      You ridiculous, bigoted person. Who said one word about your existence being offensive? If that is, indeed, the case it’s not because you’re white and Christian. . .it’s because you’re a bigoted, fake Christian, cracker c**t. There. . .how’s that for lack of PC? Sticks and Stones? :)

  9. What? says:

    Why does it matter if you’re doctor is Jewish or not? Who would ever say that?

    1. Linder says:

      It doesnt matter to most people. Just the ones that are hateful! In this blog it was used as an example. IT really is good that they change it. Lakes should have a nice welcoming serene name.

  10. Rich Masterson says:

    I have decided that the new, and less controversial, name of jew pond will be:

    Everybody draw Mohammed with a sandal tucked in his beard Pond!

    Start making t shirts!

  11. Whiteblondy says:

    In the 21st century, the name may need to be changed, but there is a basic grammar problem here. Jew is not an adjetive, but rather a noun, so Jew (noun) before Pond (another noun) is totally WRONG (At least in the English language). Jewish, on the other hand, is an adjetive. Jewish Pond (meaning a pond related to or associated with Jews or Judiasm) is correct in grammar terms. On the other hand, we need to get over ourselves..we are what we are…I am fat (hey fatty!), I am blonde (hey blondy), I am white (hey whitey)… if it were a lie, then I might be upset, but it IS the truth. Let’s stop taking offense with every word! In any case, of avoid any hard feelings, just leave it as: The Fricken Pond!!!

    1. Bob Robertson says:

      Um….Grammar in naming? Duck pond? Bird House? Dog House? Think before you rant please.

  12. Tom says:

    I Got a bucket full of water in my backyard, think I’ll start calling it Jew Bucket

  13. Peikovianyi says:

    Simply add the phrase “We Were the Kind of People Who Named it…” to a sign reading “Jew Pond”. Your grandchildren will want to know that about you.

  14. Buck says:

    wHY not name it que er lake?

  15. BUCK says:

    Why not just name it que er lake?

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